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Are You Ready For Take Off?

Feeling propelled to move forward, start something positive or initiate change?

Be inspired to implement those innovative ideas! Click the highlighted link to the renewed gallery at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The "Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight Gallery" debuted this weekend! "The gallery profiles the individuals who pushed the existing technological or social limits of flight, and every aircraft or object in it represents an unprecedented feat, a barrier overcome—a pioneering step," as communicated by release.

Be inspired to let your ideas, talents and passions take off; No matter the obstacle! Add to history so that one day your story will be told to future generations.

Be Educated, Be Blessed! Peace.

Opportunities in Education!

During my college matriculation, I learned that Journalism is not an entity to tell people how to think, but what to think about. During the 2010-2011 school season the main focus of ThresholdWorld will be on education. There will days on which I must report on a cool or informative event though; so check back often, you’re certain to learn something new! Scroll below for Upcoming Event, New Book Release and Opportunities.

I am currently a prospective student for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Fall 2011 Master of Science Program. I’m filling out my application now which is due by December. There are many initiatives being put forth by the university in educational reporting. This is my platform; I start here and now.

In June 2010, I won MVP for the Ready NYC Program. I was given a very nice Trophy from the Office of Emergency Management for my involvement in speaking in NYC Public Schools about Planning for an Emergency! I really enjoyed this program. I was excite…

It's September 8th! Shofar So Good?

Wow!!! Amazing how time goes by so quickly. There is a song by the Tempos. Perhaps you've heard it. It's entitled, See you in September. Here it is compliments of ak47bandit on youtube. Click here!

Depending upon where you are in the world, when summer begins and when it ends determines the start of the educational year. Most people in the United States embrace the end of August to be the end of summer, especially with the return of school.

Yet summer is not over until about September 22nd in the United States with the beginning of autumn equinoxes the next day. Perhaps that’s why my daughters Girl Scout registration day is September 24Th with official start October 1, 2010.

At at any rate, school is in session. A family member called and asked if I were taking my girls to school today. My answer, yes. Apparently some parents are still protesting the midweek start. In case you didn't already know, Rosh Hashanah is on Thursday and Friday.

New York City Public Schools will…

National Teacher of the Year 2010!

Hello World! Took a blog break on Wednesday, but were on facebook often. Just in case you missed it, view the video of President Barack Obama addressing educators and parents. He speaks of a child's first teacher being that of the parent. He encourages more reading and less television. He speaks of much more!Click the video below.

President Obama also presents an award to the National Teacher of the Year. Sarah Brown Wessling of Ohio. The decision making process can be found at the site of the Council of Chief State School Officers. Listen to her creative democracy in the classroom, collective notes of responsibility and passion to continue making a difference. Click here. Special thanks to

Be Inspired in your classrooms, homes and community.

Be Blessed! Peace.

National Teacher Appreciation Day!

I've got to say, Dr. Collete Hopkins and Professor James Mc Junkins were the most excellent professional educators I've met in my life. They were also friends. I hope they don't mind me calling them friends, for certainly they went above and beyond for me. I will never forget Mr. Mac, as we called him in college giving me a grade of "F" for writing Mass Media Arts Department instead of Department of Mass Media Arts. What would I expect from a professor that went on to work for the New York Times Newspaper after obtaining his degree.

Dr. Hopkins and I met while I worked on campus. I kept saying I'm gonna get a scholarship to Study Abroad in Jamaica. She actually ended up being my sponsor. She donated a significant amount while Mr. Mac loaned me the remaining balance, also significant. Thank God I was able pay him back before crossing the stage. (Smile)

I represented my school that summer at the University of the West Indies and received a 4.0 GPA for my studie…

A Week's Worth of Apples!

National Teacher's Week begins in the United States today! All over America from May 3-7, 2010 teacher's are being appreciated. This is actually celebrated all over the world. Click here!

I found a cool gift for my daughter's teachers at Fish and Edy's In NYC. It was a notebook pad that was actually a plate. I'm sure the art teacher will think this one is cool. Click here. How about that? Then I thought, would they really want to see another notebook or palette?

Well, it's a gesture of thanks. That's what this week is all about. Appreciating the work of teachers everywhere. I found a nice site online. I've got to repeat this for you to explore. Go to

Any stories of a special teacher in your life? Leave your comments below. I've had several teachers. The first I have to tell you about is my mother. She taught what me what not to do. (Smile.) She also showed me the world by keeping me involved in diverse programs in NYC and …

Urban America to the World- Part II.

Welcome! If you didn't read the last post it's best to go back and read Part I. I had the blessed opportunity to attend the National Action Network Conference in NYC. The panels and panelists were very diverse and varied by industry. Attendees were able to hear from key leaders in Education, Health, Politics, Faith and much more!

I attended the session: Are People of Color Fairly Covered in the Media? Common consensus, No. "That's why their is a black press," stated Elinor Tatum, Publisher of the New York Amsterdam Newspaper. Why? One reason explained by Ed Schultz, anchor of MSNBC"s The Ed Show is "90% of media is controlled by conservatives. You gotta own the signal," Schultz said. George E. Curry of the Curry Report explained, "We need to plead our own cause. If we don't support our media there will be no one; We will have no voice," Curry said.

In the Special Plenary Session, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michae…

Urban America 2010 to the World! -Part I.

Happy Tuesday! Needless to say, last week was a busy one; Apologies for not writing sooner. Did you have an opportunity to view the website suggested last week? Did you get to attend and hear from the U. S. Secretary of Education, Mr. Arne Duncan, the popular gent, Mr. Fonzsworth Bentley or the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mrs. Kathleen Sebelius?

Perhaps you heard from Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God In Christ, (COGIC). America may not be your country of residence and this may not be your usual site to view; but it is full of links to information that may assist in a cause you may be working on. So no worries, if you didn't go or didn’t know; you can attend next year. Add TV One to your cable stations; listen to Rev Al Sharpton one his radio shows.

Why? You may ask; because you are bound to learn something. Knowledge is power. (I couldn't resist the School House Rock throwback!) The National Action Network (NAN) Conference was hel…

NAN -National Action Network

Hello. We are on the threshold of a new day. I will not allow Wednesday leave us without reflection. My mother turned 65 years old today! We spent the day at the National Action Network's 12 annual conference in New York City.

Highlights will be posted on Thursday and Friday of this week. In the meanwhile, check out their site for more info.

Be Blessed!-Peace

Life, Purpose & Legacy!

Welcome to Tuesday! It's a brand new day to be thankful for life. Let's live our best life now!!!! There is an urgency. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us.

Many of us are aware of the tragic death of Poland's leaders last Friday. While prayers are being sent out, especially from Thresholdworld and many others, affairs are still going forth with an election to be held for a new president in less than three months. The affairs of the country must go on.

If you were to perish, what do you think would be said about you? What is your contribution to your family, friends, work or community? Reflect for a moment.

Are you an island? Is the world like water surrounded by your land. Together everyone achieves more and you are needed to provide a resource, fund a project, plant a tree, protest injustice, or something you are passionate about. Your life has purpose!

That's all for today. Life goes on without us; but with our current input into society, we leave a legacy for t…

New Opportunities!

Hello Friends!!! ThresholdWorld is officially in business with Soul Purpose! Check out our site! Click here!

You are welcome to experience refreshing products inspired from all over the world! You are invited to become an entrepreneur, with ThresholdWorld as your sponsor. You are welcome to host a party and explore the new opportunities that await you! You can also purchase items directly from the site shipped to your home. I'm so excited!

Today is a new day with new opportunities. If you need a job or would like to start your own business, start today! Write down your vision. Learn to write a business plan. Many libraries and community organizations have free resources available. Take more control of your life today.

Soul Purpose is a new platform to invite the girls and guys for a relaxing time of refreshing. Do something in addition to your 9-5 or 8-8, for that matter. Be your own boss! If you'd like more information on this company, see yesterday's post! All the best in…

Soul Purpose!

Hello. I'm writing in the heart of New York City! Rockefeller Center is a nice spot to eat, play, shop and more. People are skating outside in April! Could this really be only in New York?

So grateful that Starbucks is available for me to communicate with you online. At 12:30 I will be meeting with Andrea Bearam of Soul Purpose. I will be finding out more information on the opportunity to become an entrepreneur with this company.

'It's a different kind of company' goes their slogan. 'As a socially responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose will redefine empowerment by supporting individual purpose and vision through the marketing of natural, quality products that illuminate body, beauty, style and spirit,' as written on site. Lotions, perfumes, body scrubs and scents from all over the world are introduced to potential clients. Check out the site Soul Purpose.comNadine Thompson is the founder of this unique company.

I found out about this opportunity at the…

Be the First!

Melanie S. Lewis, Left and Brittany K. Earls, Right.
Photo By Riley Johnson III

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the launch party of Genesis Magazine in New York City. I'm pictured with the editor in chief herself, Ms. Brittany K. Earls in the picture above.

On the same block as Grand Central Station was this celebration of new beginnings. Guests gathered on the 15th floor of a premiere office building on a Saturday evening. Fitting to the purpose of Genesis Magazine, the evening was about networking, information sharing, new possibilities and opportunities. While no one was getting down on the dance floor, all were celebrating new beginnings with a purpose!

The cake was good!-Photo By Riley Johnson III

Great connections were made by attendees. There were offers to become entrepreneurs, get help with small businesses, build your brand, meet potential financial representatives, health insurance for small business owners and more! It was also a very diverse…

Speak It Into Existence!

Proverbs 31 Ministries' She Speaks Conference, July 30-August 1, 2010, Concord, North Carolina.

There is power in words. What are you saying? "And God said, Let there be light; and there was light," Holy Bible. Genesis 1:3 Amplified. Likewise ladies and gentlemen, let's speak light in the midst of our darkness; Speak to make our situations bright!

Confront the situation in front of you. There will be a brighter day. Proclaim "I will not stay like this" or "here," or "doing this!" I encourage you to speak positive and be empowered to change your life, if necessary. Set reachable measured goals for yourself; Encourage yourself. Watch this video of Donald Lawrence and the Tri City Singers on You Tube! Courtesy of EMI records.

One of the inspirational mediums that caused this blog to be in existence is that of Proverbs 31 Ministries. I was doing research for my sister in the lord, Minister Arlene Mitchell of Prayer and Empowerment and came ac…


Be Blessed! I usually say that at the end of blog entries. Today, I say it first. My wish for you is that you be inspired to do something for your life that will make it better.

I want you to be enlightened by a new idea, information or inspiration to cause you to react in a fashion that will cause you to walk the run way of life like the supermodel you are! Male or Female, you better work.

Work is necessary and can be hard, but keep it moving. Look good doing it as well. In spite of set backs, heartaches, disappointments and old habits; You can make it! Continue to feed yourself with positive thoughts and explore something new to renew your mind.

I am a woman of faith. This blog was created out of prayer to my father God. My consistent prayer is that you be blessed! Go back and click on the link at the start of the post. Bishop Paul S. Morton is a blessing and featured in the video. Peace.

Sparkle and Create!

Hello World. This was a very busy week. Thank God it's Friday. I want to share two nice video's with you; especially since I didn't communicate yesterday.

If you had diamonds on the soles of your shoes, would it inspire you to get up and go? Use it as a metaphor. Are you working on something that may seem hard. Well, be diligent and make it beautiful! Be creative with some of life's tasks; Add some spark. Inspire yourself!

Click on this link to view Paul Simon live in Zimbabwe with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, as they sing Diamonds on the soles of her shoes, 1987. (Compliments of Ben Bruch on You Tube)

Be Blessed and Be Happy!(Bobby McFerrin Video Compliments of Blue Note Records on You Tube)-Peace

Ya Heard?

I had an appointment today at my local radio station. I saw where some of the on-air personalities work everyday. -Including where Wendy Williams once sat, along with some of her offices. I viewed the studio where Steve Harvey and Hezekiah Walker have their shows. I even waved at Egypt while she was on air in the studio. It was cool to see and experience behind the scene info.

There is no amazing furniture they sit in. No colorful walls to inspire them. Their mouthpiece is the creative energy that facilitates the events, news, and music to get people through the day. They reach so many people too. Online, live stream, on air, and satellite for other states to listen in the show.

Writing for radio and commercials is creative as well. Including too many details can cause one to loose listeners. Communicating effectively is essential; For so many reasons. I heard Steve Harvey on the radio just this morning talking about someone that wrote a commercial and really didn't understand th…

Around the World & Back Again!

Dancers pose after performance at NY Times Travel Show on Sunday, February 28, 2010. Photo By ThresholdWorld.

Hello World!

Are you planning a vacation this year? It's almost spring. Many opportunities are being presented to travel. Don't let time pass by without traveling somewhere different. The ending of February into March was a very busy time of destination travel.

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada was bittersweet. The Olympic flag is now in the hands of Russia, as they will host the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi. They've already begun to count down the days. Perhaps this is an opportunity to travel to a place many of us haven't thought to take in the past. I couldn't help but think of the first time I heard the Russian National Anthem. It was while watching Rocky Four.

Certainly, my prayers are with Chile and continue to be with Haiti. Amazing that Hawaii had that Tsunami scare. Some people probably had to cut their vacations short or pe…

Fundamental of Change

Happy Thursday! One day to go for the weekend; Hope this week was a positively productive one for you. Make it even better in the future, make sure you've done the basics.

Education is fundamental to your change. In your industry, home, personal life, etc, learning is the basic prinicpal to understand how to create the change you need. Unfortunately, many of us in the world are not taking advantage of the vast resources available.

The library, wise man or woman in town, professionals, mentors -that have experience on the area of interest and even the Holy Bible can assist in your quest. Yes, they say history repeats and certainly it does. Though this is 2010 people experienced life and death centuries ago too. War, peace, sickness, building a business, and disasters as well.

When a person or group starts a new business, research is done to market the business to the audience they intend to reach and make income, to stay in business. Existing businesses are studied as well. Educatio…

Passport to Anywhere!

Hey World! On this Wednesday, I encourage you to travel! This is the year to do it. Of course, when leaving the country you must have the proper ID and a passport is it. Renew, Reuse, Rejuvenate! Aha you like that?

If you will be the NYC anytime this weekend, the NY Times will host a Travel Show! We will be in attendance! Perhaps we will see you there!

Safe travels. Be Blessed! Peace.

W.E.B. Dubois, You & I!

W.E.B Dubois, 1946. Picture taken by Carl Van Vechten Special thanks to Yale university's Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript library for this rare color photo online.

Today in world history, I Melanie Shaleya Lewis was born in 1978. That's right! But I wouldn't be able to share any ideas or inspire you to make a difference, if God's favor would not have allowed so many amazing people to make a difference in this world, besides my parents.(Smile.) One of the most notable, who's life and day of birth I humbly share today, is that of The Honorable William Edward Burghardt Dubois, known to most as W.E.B Dubois.

He was on born February 23, 1863, in Massachusetts. Civil Rights Activist, Editor, Historian, Pan-Africanist, Sociologist and Writer were amongst his titled accomplishments. He was also a professor at my Alma mater. In fact, he established the department of social work. I attended Clark Atlanta University which was created from the converting of Atlanta Universit…

'We Are The World 25 for Haiti' Vs. The 1985 Original

'We Are The World 25 for Haiti' Vs. The 1985 Original -(Click to view video)

Hello World! Did you look? Have you already heard? I'm talking about the accomplishment resulted when talent is combined to make a difference. I just viewed the current and former video of We are the World and wanted to share it with those of you which may not have experienced it.

While the article includes both fact and opinion, my purpose was just for you to have the opportunity to be in the loop. Special thanks to Mike Ryan of Popeater for writing the article above.

I feel it's awesome that a new generation of musicans have decided to inspire the world to make a difference through song. This song is a message all by itself. We are the World, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving. There is a choice we are making, we are saving our own lives, it's true we make a better day just you and me. For the full song, worth the time-click here

Be Blessed! If…

Mundane Mandatory, Ordinary Extraordinary!

Happy New Day To You! I borrow that from my mother. She says that to my children when she sees them in the mornings. Some days can be routine for us. But some mundane is necessary.

Surely our reputation is built on consistent habit in something; either good for us or bad. Hopefully, we work to get it right for the better. Consistent habits become ordinary things we do but they present extraordinary results for our faithful habits.

I feel that's where we will end today. Have an extraordinary day!

God Bless you people of the world! Peace.

Eye on the Tiger, Mind on the Chinese Food

Fortune Cookie, Pictured Left

Sunday, February 14Th was not only a day of love, but also a celebration of the Lunar New Year. Many people in the world observed the Year of the Tiger!-Bravery. Look at these amazing pictures from a parade in Chinatown during the Olympics, compliments of Reuters and the Toronto

While viewing New York City's
China Town events, I came across an amazing author, with a relative statement of observation. "There are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendys combined," states Jennifer 8. Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. (A Book of Adventure through the Mysteries of Chinese Food.)

Certainly, I need no stats to agree with this statement. In my neighborhood alone, there are at least 5 Chinese Restaurants within three streets of my home, and many more within walking distance. Ms.Lee's writing and research is very engaging and interesting as well. She even posts a video which reveals how more…

Spreading Love's Message

"If I can spread love's message, as the master taught, then my living shall not be in vain!"- Check out this video. Billy Eckstine sings 'If I can Help Somebody' as a guest on the Nat King Cole Show in 1957.

I thought of this video as I thought of my birthday and what I'd like to accomplish in my life. My birthday is on Tuesday, February 23. I will be 32 years old! I believe writing is a part my purpose. My world gets bigger each day I learn, read and share experiences with you. I hope that your world is becoming bigger as well.

Many people in the world are celebrating valentines day today. It's a beautiful thing to spread love. I will not sugar coat the love of Jesus. -Been good to me all my life. Whomever the creator is to you, believe and have faith that your ideas can become a reality and you too can make a difference in the world.

Regardless of your race, social economic status, career, political views, who you know or don't know, your circumstances…

Glowing Pyched for 2010 Olympics!!!!!!

Olympic Pictures »Public Gallery
Apologies for not posting on Thursday, but TGIF! Special Friday Countdown to the Olympics which begin on next Friday, February 12-28, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada!

"With Glowing Hearts" is the theme. Went online to check out prices to attend the opening ceremonies. Ouch! 1000+ ThresholdWorld will plan to attend Rio 2016. We will save now to be seated for those opening ceremonies and have a Workacation!

Check out the web sites linked throughout this post for all the details. So many new and exciting plans in store with the Paralympic and new youth Olympics underway in August. Just check it out.

Imagine, the world is watching and competing for the Gold! -So you know I, Melanie am writing this blog today. I will never forget watching the 1996 Olympics with my Czech Family in the Czech Republic. Thanks to UTube I can revisit and you with me. Boyz 2 Men were singing the National Anthem. You should have seen the look my home stays…

History Makers-The 2010 Trumpet Awards!

ThresholdWorld would love to have attended the awards in Atlanta last week. We would have enjoyed the High Tea With High Heels at the Hyatt,' Prayer Breakfast with notable gospel singers, such as Mary Mary etc, but didn't receive a reply. We should've tried harder, so maybe next year! Surely, we want to let you all know about the honorees. Be inspired! Google them. Study their habits to greatness.

"The annual Trumpet Awards acknowledges the accomplishments of men and women who have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life for all…individuals and/or groups who augment the richness of this great global society by partnering with the cause of justice and equality of all."-Trumpet Foundation.

The Trumpet Awards Foundation Salutes African American Achievement. Over four million has been donated to the education of Youth through co-sponsors of the event.

The honorees this year were: Steve Harvey-Pinnacle Award, Judge Clarence Cooper-Legal, Don Jackson …

Haiti: A Closer Look at a Paradise

By Charnette Frederic

A recorded magnitude of 7 earthquake occurred in Haiti. In a situation like this, I have plenty of questions. Could we prevent it? Did they have guidelines? A contingency plan?

How many lives could be saved? I might want to know how the earthquake happened? How was it characterized? Volcanic activity? Landslides? Mine blasts? or nuclear experiments?

The last two options should be impossible, since I was not aware of such activities in Haiti. I must agree that seismic activity is not my expertise, however as a scientist these type of questions usually occupied my mind. I generally ask questions to comprehend the circumstances, even try to find feasible solutions. However this time, I have bigger and pressing issues: Haiti is my homeland.

Before the media focus on Haiti and big donations were given to save lives through some well-known organizations, I was always conscious of this island. Conscious enough to be part of Fondation des Cazaliens D’Outres Mer (FOCOM), w…


In death we leave memories to family, friends and co-workers; Yet our spirit of service can live on as a legacy as well.

Many educational institutions, non-profit organizations, churches, public and private businesses receive gifts from those that have been laid to rest from their labors. This act helps many organizations to still be standing decades later. Ask the development department of your favorite charity or organization. Tell them you'd like to make a lasting commitment to their cause. Nowadays one can request over a million on life insurance anyway, so why not allow your specified amount to go towards a good cause.

Perhaps your name can live on and your philanthropic efforts be commemorated in a ribbon cutting for a new building, computer lab, classroom, library, etc. Check the better business bureau and other accountability organizations about the financials of your organization; Speak to your lawyer and touch up that will. Leave a legacy that will make a difference afte…

A Real Thankful Thursday!

This has been a challenging week for me personally. It is not the first time and will not be the last. So often, people hear the good about people's lives. People don't usually voice real issues they've had until they're rich and famous.

All of my current projects are voluntary. I am unemployed, single, a mom, & living with my family; But it's temporary. I'm also the same woman that helped commemorate closing bell ceremonies at the New York Stock Exchange and worked for one of the largest financial institutions in the world, just recently. I never imagined those things would even happen.

I've stayed positive, put my best foot forward, in spite of difficulties, and persevered. Through it all, my faith has not wavered. I've become stronger and able to plan, volunteer and be creative to implement ideas. I really want to help people. I truly aspire to make a difference.

I believe people like reality shows because well, its supposedly true. Maybe there is…

Wisdom Wednesday: The Grass Will Not Worry!

As soon as my sister and I entered the botanical gardens today, we both took a deep breath in and you could hear the ahhhhhhh from our mouths. We then began to laugh. The serenity, beauty and oasis of the garden just soaked up all worry, ill thoughts, hard decisions and heartaches.

In the botanical gardens you take a trip to another place. The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, may have possibly made me want to learn Japanese in college. The Crandford Rose Garden, made me think of new beginnings. The Cherry Esplanade/Walk is the place to sit, think, and write. The Adventure of the Tropical Rain Forest, Desert and Warm Climate Temperate Pavilions are amazing experiences.

Such a gem. It's always been my favorite place to be in the world. Yet, I'm still traveling and hope to see all the beauty that God made. If there is no place in your home to escape from stress and just take time out to breathe, seek an experience in your community. A quiet natural place.

If near your job there is …

A Child Shall Lead!

LEFT TO RIGHT – Sylvia Lewis-Grace, 6yrs & Legacy Lewis, 3yrs.

On Monday morning, I found a family friendly project to attend. It was the Children for Children/Youth Hands On Network’s Eighth Annual Grow Involved on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event in New York City. The girls and I traveled to East Harlem to the P.S.57 James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy. The same project was being held at the Martin Luther King High School as well and sponsored by the Citi Foundation.

Some of the projects included: Designing fleece scarves for the homeless, knitting blankets for infants, painting murals and assembling school supply kits as indicated on the website Children aged 6 and under participated in a special service feature called, ‘The Dream World.’ The entrance was decorated in such an inviting manner. The children crossed the threshold of service, passing through blue, white, and silver balloons, stars and silver metallic d├ęcor draped from the ceiling to…

Economics, Balance and Love!

Hello World! I attended the 13th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit this afternoon in New York, NY. The topic: “Targeted Stimulus: A Call to Equity and Parity.” The event dates are January 13-15, 2010 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers.

The Project was founded on January 15, 1996 to honor the birth of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the beginning of the first quarter of the business year. The Project’s organizational origin, as referenced on the website, rests with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Operation Breadbasket, established by Dr. King in 1966 to work toward a more inclusive America by combining theology with the struggle for economic justice.

This afternoon’s highlights included: New York State Governor David Patterson receiving the Percy Sutton Award and Pastor Hezekiah Walker receiving the Reverend Timothy Wright award. The United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke of the many opp…


THRESHOLDWORLD'S thoughts are with everyone affected by the events in Haiti. The earthquake hit 2 hours after our post yesterday. On Tuesday, we spoke about some things being broken in order to be rebuilt.

I'd like you to be enlightened about Haiti's history. Chuck Leddy wrote this piece for the Christian Science Monitor a couple of years back. Please copy and paste the following into your browser:

Any thoughts after reading this information? I learned this in college and not before. Some enslaved persons during prosperous Haiti actually fought and won; Yet victory was short lived and poverty stroked the land.

Relief efforts are being conducted by many great organizations. Please research before giving. The American Red Cross is a great organization to give and get help during this and other disaster situations. Go to The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is a trusted site and has posted a …

Out with the Old and In with the New: Are things better or worse?

I was at my parent’s apartment when the sink started to come off the wall. It was a good old sink, literally. It was the kind that had a tub and sink area. I remember being washed in the tub side as a child. The idea of being bathed in the tub of the sink and up from the floor was so cool.

Of course, mom was there with me and we had a regular bathroom with a tub. Moms just create fun ways to get things done. I washed my girls in it too. It fit their size just right at the time. My father used it for soaking clothes and collard greens. Smile. When everyone was over for dinner, all the pots and pans and dishes would be soaked before washing.

It was just multipurpose. The sink was very sturdy, white and porcelain –like. A chair had to be propped to hold it up till the super or apartment repair man came to fix it. After he took out the sink, there was a need for the floor to be redone. New wood was applied and linoleum was placed down.

Great! Looked nice, but the sink was still …