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Holiday Lights!

Greetings! ThresholdWorld Fam,

I love how Hanukkah (which means dedication in Hebrew) is celebrated with eight nights of reciting blessings and lighting the menorah. Then about two weeks later the action of giving is celebrated with multicolored lights, decor, the birth the Jesus Christ and the message of love as a light to the world. The very day after is Kwanzaa. An African American and Pan African holiday celebrating family, community and culture. The Seven Principals, Nguzo Saba are celebrated by lighting a candle each day which has a specific meaning.

Below is an excerpt from Dr. Maulanga Karenga, Founder of Kwanzaa. The message this year is Reimagining and Remaking the World: A Kwanzaa Commitment to an Inclusive Good.

"And Kwanzaa is a celebration of freedom, of the free space we have created to honor ourselves, to remember, reflect and recommit ourselves. It is a celebration of hearts and minds free from self-doubt, self-denial, self-condemnation and self-mutilation, and o…

12 Historic Days Till Christmas! Weekend Edition I.

Happy Holidays! These events may not be televised but they will be live. There may be drummers drumming yet no pipers piping. Some ladies may be dancing but forget the other stuff. History is being highlighted in and around town this weekend.

On Sunday, December 16, 2018 in partnership with the National Park Service and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, ASALH -The Association for the Study of African American Life and History is commemorating the 143rd Anniversary of the birth of Carter G. Woodson, Founder of Black History Month. The event is scheduled to take place 2:00pm at Seaton Elementary School located at 1503 10th St. N.W. Washington, D. C. 20001.

What better way to commemorate the father of Black History Month than to donate historic and cultural books to children this season. The Brooklyn Branch of the NAACPis requesting donations of books starting Saturday, December 15th through Wednesday, December 19th. The branch will be collecting books for their Holiday Book Drive. Click here fo…

The Gift of Life and Purpose!

If every time we speak creation occurs, what happens when we manifest the life we desire?

Happy December 2018. Life itself is an amazing gift from creation. Our lives are filled with ideas, information and inspiration to spur the world into positive action. I share my experiences here on purpose.

Today I write  ✍️ to encourage us and to build my writing stamina. When we start to work on those things we’re passionate about we also manifest the greatest good in us. Our actions not only bless us individually but the lives of others.

I honor I Am for always being within me. I honor the life of all those that have taught me. I Am the seed that grew up to experience all that I have on purpose. Now I go forth and share and bless others forward. 
It’s amazing how just when you think you’re done with all the pushing and pain there is an additional movement. It comes about a half hour after giving birth. If in stirrups it just may move on out by itself. ‘Afterbirth’ follows new life. It’s the or…

Imagine Your Wings!

Thank God For the Weekend!

I just want to share something that blessed me this week, give a shout out and share some local Brooklyn community resources.

Shout Out to OkayAfrica, the largest US-based website focusing on new and progressive music, art, politics, and culture from the African Continent, for hosting the coolest outdoor event 'Mzansi Heat & Naija Beats' on Thursday.  ---Well maybe Dave Chapell still holds the title with his block party but I wasn’t there.

First of all before I got to the event I was able to view the live stream performance by students of Eagle Academy. Once I did arrive guides gave optional directions depending whether to sit or stand. Then there was quick but understandable security check before entry to the great space.  It was such a large and beautiful spot. Best lighting and decor esthetic ever seriously.

The changing of colors, and string of lights hanging was so nice. There was great sound. Not too loud not too low. It was just right. The…
Happy Thursday!  Here are a few things you should know about that you can take action on this month:

Did you know that Black Giving Day is August 28th? Check out Young Black and Giving Back Institute all year long for inspiration on this topic.  Major shout out to Founder and Executive Director, Ebonie Johnson Cooper and partners for engaging us in funding the magic in our communities. 
Everyone is welcome to join ThresholdWorld at Rapha Center located at 78 Saratoga Avenue Brooklyn, NY for Black Giving Day on Tuesday, August 28th 7:00pm-9:00pm. $28 contributions are being asked from each attendee as we remember historic events of August 28th. They'll be music, food and wine to be blessed with a goal of $1,120. Making this goal will cover space for 11 organizations to host community events at the center into the fall season.
Shout Out to for sharing the important action item below!*Can you speak up now to stop a discriminatory question on the U.S. Census? What’s happeni…
Happy August 1, 2018!

Yes, I had a plan. I'm on an instagram and facebook vacation. Less social media and more writing on purpose. I feel that many times the black community is usually the last to know what's happening in our communities. So I started sharing posts on my instagram and sometimes to my facebook but a larger medium was needed. So I'm back on the blog with purpose.

Writing makes me happy. I got a degree in this too!- 'With all rights, privileges, thereunto and appertaining' lol. But if my subject and verb don't agree you can say so. I'm still gonna write gonna though and get better as I do. Feedback is better than fatback! I feel that this is what is right and what I'm supposed to do.

While this medium is for the beloved community to be inspired, most often I address from my own experiences of family, faith, historic events, organizations and music. All things that continue to make me the woman I am in this blessed gift of life.

I grew u…

What Are You Fighting For?

Personally I'm grateful to Union Solders that fought during the Civil War within these United States and won for my family to be free from enslavement today.  

 I received an email  this weekend from Josue Pierre, Democratic State Committee Chairmanin which he credited the newly famous historian Abstrakt Goldsmith for sharing a history many of us never learned in school. This history has gained much traction over the weekend. Just in case you weren't aware read below:

This excellent commemoration reminds me of  the African Burial Ground in New York City. It is tradition for African Americans to honor our ancestors. Yesterday, Today and Forever.

This Memorial Day history was also found via The NY Times entitled The Unofficial History of Memorial Day.  by Swell Chan. 

The National Park Service is commemorating the 150 anniversary of the Civil War by sharinga series of books for order on lesser known contributions of diverse ethnic groups to the war. The effort is to make Civil War h…

Let Us Teach As We March On!

I recently attended a black history celebration in which a woman on the program was singing Lift Every Voice and Sing. This song is the Black National Anthem. As an African American raised in a predominate black church I'd sing it with congregants during service, as an alum of an HBCU (Historically Black College) we'd sing the anthem at special events and as a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) which adopted it as the official song, I'm both humbled and proud to stand up in reverence of my ancestry. The lyrics request for a people to give high praise in continued faith and remembrance to past and present legacies of resilience. Be sure to view the words and related links below.
Yet at this event I was the only one standing. It was a teachable moment as I quickly nudged my eldest daughter to stand with me. I could hear someone whisper, ‘should we be standing?’ I didn’t turn around. I figured someone would tell them or they’d ju…

Creation Is Life!

I see this page clear, white, new and I write. I'm creating! I first thought about it. I revisited why I began. I looked at my vision wall. I spoke of who I am and I did it. The rest of the story will be completed as I continue.

It is me. The words could not be written without my ideas, my experiences, my action. This is written revelation. The consistency I've needed has always been in me. So in continuing to encourage this action I do the work. I maintain the flow needed to see these black words fill the page with life through letters. Altogether creating for those after me to be inspired in purpose.

Expression has always been a blessing for me. Verbal shares, written thought, movement and dance. Being still in the garden, watching life in the company of my breath. Walking slowly in admiration for the beauty that grows from a seed. All senses glorifying the experience. I give God thanks for every activity of my limbs.

I close my eyes. I breathe in deep. I feel my heart beat…

Day On Dreams!

Happy Blessed 2018! I'm elated that new year celebrations are followed by national commemorative events and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. Starting this weekend there will be many opportunities to lend a helping hand in our communities across the United States of America. This is a Day On to Serve! The Corporation for National and Community Service expects to engage nearly 1 million people in thousands of service projects in all 50 states. On this day, federal, state, and local
leaders will join citizens in honoring Dr. King's legacy through service projects addressing pressing
community needs.

In 1994, Congress designated MLK Day as the first and only federal holiday observed as a national day of
service, and charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with leading this national
effort. Americans may visit to find a service project for MLK Day or a year-round volunteer
opportunity in their own community. If you have not already …