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Fundamental of Change

Happy Thursday! One day to go for the weekend; Hope this week was a positively productive one for you. Make it even better in the future, make sure you've done the basics.

Education is fundamental to your change. In your industry, home, personal life, etc, learning is the basic prinicpal to understand how to create the change you need. Unfortunately, many of us in the world are not taking advantage of the vast resources available.

The library, wise man or woman in town, professionals, mentors -that have experience on the area of interest and even the Holy Bible can assist in your quest. Yes, they say history repeats and certainly it does. Though this is 2010 people experienced life and death centuries ago too. War, peace, sickness, building a business, and disasters as well.

When a person or group starts a new business, research is done to market the business to the audience they intend to reach and make income, to stay in business. Existing businesses are studied as well. Educatio…

Passport to Anywhere!

Hey World! On this Wednesday, I encourage you to travel! This is the year to do it. Of course, when leaving the country you must have the proper ID and a passport is it. Renew, Reuse, Rejuvenate! Aha you like that?

If you will be the NYC anytime this weekend, the NY Times will host a Travel Show! We will be in attendance! Perhaps we will see you there!

Safe travels. Be Blessed! Peace.

W.E.B. Dubois, You & I!

W.E.B Dubois, 1946. Picture taken by Carl Van Vechten Special thanks to Yale university's Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript library for this rare color photo online.

Today in world history, I Melanie Shaleya Lewis was born in 1978. That's right! But I wouldn't be able to share any ideas or inspire you to make a difference, if God's favor would not have allowed so many amazing people to make a difference in this world, besides my parents.(Smile.) One of the most notable, who's life and day of birth I humbly share today, is that of The Honorable William Edward Burghardt Dubois, known to most as W.E.B Dubois.

He was on born February 23, 1863, in Massachusetts. Civil Rights Activist, Editor, Historian, Pan-Africanist, Sociologist and Writer were amongst his titled accomplishments. He was also a professor at my Alma mater. In fact, he established the department of social work. I attended Clark Atlanta University which was created from the converting of Atlanta Universit…

'We Are The World 25 for Haiti' Vs. The 1985 Original

'We Are The World 25 for Haiti' Vs. The 1985 Original -(Click to view video)

Hello World! Did you look? Have you already heard? I'm talking about the accomplishment resulted when talent is combined to make a difference. I just viewed the current and former video of We are the World and wanted to share it with those of you which may not have experienced it.

While the article includes both fact and opinion, my purpose was just for you to have the opportunity to be in the loop. Special thanks to Mike Ryan of Popeater for writing the article above.

I feel it's awesome that a new generation of musicans have decided to inspire the world to make a difference through song. This song is a message all by itself. We are the World, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving. There is a choice we are making, we are saving our own lives, it's true we make a better day just you and me. For the full song, worth the time-click here

Be Blessed! If…

Mundane Mandatory, Ordinary Extraordinary!

Happy New Day To You! I borrow that from my mother. She says that to my children when she sees them in the mornings. Some days can be routine for us. But some mundane is necessary.

Surely our reputation is built on consistent habit in something; either good for us or bad. Hopefully, we work to get it right for the better. Consistent habits become ordinary things we do but they present extraordinary results for our faithful habits.

I feel that's where we will end today. Have an extraordinary day!

God Bless you people of the world! Peace.

Eye on the Tiger, Mind on the Chinese Food

Fortune Cookie, Pictured Left

Sunday, February 14Th was not only a day of love, but also a celebration of the Lunar New Year. Many people in the world observed the Year of the Tiger!-Bravery. Look at these amazing pictures from a parade in Chinatown during the Olympics, compliments of Reuters and the Toronto

While viewing New York City's
China Town events, I came across an amazing author, with a relative statement of observation. "There are more Chinese restaurants in America than McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendys combined," states Jennifer 8. Lee, author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. (A Book of Adventure through the Mysteries of Chinese Food.)

Certainly, I need no stats to agree with this statement. In my neighborhood alone, there are at least 5 Chinese Restaurants within three streets of my home, and many more within walking distance. Ms.Lee's writing and research is very engaging and interesting as well. She even posts a video which reveals how more…

Spreading Love's Message

"If I can spread love's message, as the master taught, then my living shall not be in vain!"- Check out this video. Billy Eckstine sings 'If I can Help Somebody' as a guest on the Nat King Cole Show in 1957.

I thought of this video as I thought of my birthday and what I'd like to accomplish in my life. My birthday is on Tuesday, February 23. I will be 32 years old! I believe writing is a part my purpose. My world gets bigger each day I learn, read and share experiences with you. I hope that your world is becoming bigger as well.

Many people in the world are celebrating valentines day today. It's a beautiful thing to spread love. I will not sugar coat the love of Jesus. -Been good to me all my life. Whomever the creator is to you, believe and have faith that your ideas can become a reality and you too can make a difference in the world.

Regardless of your race, social economic status, career, political views, who you know or don't know, your circumstances…

Glowing Pyched for 2010 Olympics!!!!!!

Olympic Pictures »Public Gallery
Apologies for not posting on Thursday, but TGIF! Special Friday Countdown to the Olympics which begin on next Friday, February 12-28, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada!

"With Glowing Hearts" is the theme. Went online to check out prices to attend the opening ceremonies. Ouch! 1000+ ThresholdWorld will plan to attend Rio 2016. We will save now to be seated for those opening ceremonies and have a Workacation!

Check out the web sites linked throughout this post for all the details. So many new and exciting plans in store with the Paralympic and new youth Olympics underway in August. Just check it out.

Imagine, the world is watching and competing for the Gold! -So you know I, Melanie am writing this blog today. I will never forget watching the 1996 Olympics with my Czech Family in the Czech Republic. Thanks to UTube I can revisit and you with me. Boyz 2 Men were singing the National Anthem. You should have seen the look my home stays…

History Makers-The 2010 Trumpet Awards!

ThresholdWorld would love to have attended the awards in Atlanta last week. We would have enjoyed the High Tea With High Heels at the Hyatt,' Prayer Breakfast with notable gospel singers, such as Mary Mary etc, but didn't receive a reply. We should've tried harder, so maybe next year! Surely, we want to let you all know about the honorees. Be inspired! Google them. Study their habits to greatness.

"The annual Trumpet Awards acknowledges the accomplishments of men and women who have significantly contributed to enhancing the quality of life for all…individuals and/or groups who augment the richness of this great global society by partnering with the cause of justice and equality of all."-Trumpet Foundation.

The Trumpet Awards Foundation Salutes African American Achievement. Over four million has been donated to the education of Youth through co-sponsors of the event.

The honorees this year were: Steve Harvey-Pinnacle Award, Judge Clarence Cooper-Legal, Don Jackson …

Haiti: A Closer Look at a Paradise

By Charnette Frederic

A recorded magnitude of 7 earthquake occurred in Haiti. In a situation like this, I have plenty of questions. Could we prevent it? Did they have guidelines? A contingency plan?

How many lives could be saved? I might want to know how the earthquake happened? How was it characterized? Volcanic activity? Landslides? Mine blasts? or nuclear experiments?

The last two options should be impossible, since I was not aware of such activities in Haiti. I must agree that seismic activity is not my expertise, however as a scientist these type of questions usually occupied my mind. I generally ask questions to comprehend the circumstances, even try to find feasible solutions. However this time, I have bigger and pressing issues: Haiti is my homeland.

Before the media focus on Haiti and big donations were given to save lives through some well-known organizations, I was always conscious of this island. Conscious enough to be part of Fondation des Cazaliens D’Outres Mer (FOCOM), w…