A Week's Worth of Apples!

National Teacher's Week begins in the United States today! All over America from May 3-7, 2010 teacher's are being appreciated. This is actually celebrated all over the world. Click here!

I found a cool gift for my daughter's teachers at Fish and Edy's In NYC. It was a notebook pad that was actually a plate. I'm sure the art teacher will think this one is cool. Click here. How about that? Then I thought, would they really want to see another notebook or palette?

Well, it's a gesture of thanks. That's what this week is all about. Appreciating the work of teachers everywhere. I found a nice site online. I've got to repeat this for you to explore. Go to Teacher-appreciation.info.

Any stories of a special teacher in your life? Leave your comments below. I've had several teachers. The first I have to tell you about is my mother. She taught what me what not to do. (Smile.) She also showed me the world by keeping me involved in diverse programs in NYC and abroad. Mom still teaches me as a grown up; She will never stop. Thanks for your love mom!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 is National Teacher Appreciation Day in America. I will write about my favorite professional educators. So come back! You are invited to write your favorite teacher story below. Don't forget to tell a teacher they are appreciated this week. Be Blessed! Peace


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