Opportunities in Education!

During my college matriculation, I learned that Journalism is not an entity to tell people how to think, but what to think about. During the 2010-2011 school season the main focus of ThresholdWorld will be on education. There will days on which I must report on a cool or informative event though; so check back often, you’re certain to learn something new! Scroll below for Upcoming Event, New Book Release and Opportunities.

I am currently a prospective student for the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism Fall 2011 Master of Science Program. I’m filling out my application now which is due by December. There are many initiatives being put forth by the university in educational reporting. This is my platform; I start here and now.

In June 2010, I won MVP for the Ready NYC Program. I was given a very nice Trophy from the Office of Emergency Management for my involvement in speaking in NYC Public Schools about Planning for an Emergency! I really enjoyed this program. I was excited and humbled to be given the opportunity and responsibility to speak in public schools. I received accolades from the Mayors Volunteer Center for volunteering, and my local school for working as a learning leader. This year I will be serving as treasurer at my daughter’s school on the PTA Board. Say a positive prayer for me.

I was unemployed from my banking days in case you were wondering. I used my time to do temp work and make a difference, by being more involved. I’m heavily invested in learning, sharing, and profiting in education this year. Of course, the profiting I speak of is through my writing and research which is my passion and purpose. So I’m blogging and writing to make a difference you can say! I believe that in due time, my passion will be profitable. I just needed to make a start for myself.-Thresholdworld!

Upcoming Event:

Back to School Learning Leaders Opening Ceremony September 22, 2010 Keynote Speaker –James H. Shelton, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Innovation and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education. Location: Alfred Learners Hall, Columbia University. For more information visit www.learningleaders.org

New Book Release:

I’d like to acknowledge the new book Big Citizenship by one of City Year’s Founders, Mr. Alan Khazei.


City Year unites young people ages 17-24 in a year of amazing service in communities. Corp members continue to make a difference in public schools. Visit www.cityyear.org for a site near you! -From Boston to South Africa!

To volunteer with the office of emergency Management this school year visit www.nyc.gov/oem for NYC and Google your local office of Emergency Management if out of town.

To become a learning leader visit- www.learningleaders.org

New York City Service offers opportunities to volunteer in the city. Click here.

Peace Corps is for international volunteer opportunities. Visit Peace Corps.gov

To learn more about the PTA visit www.pta.org for national programs in the United States.

If you find yourself out of work, would like to brush up on your professional skills and be mentored by someone in your field, visit www.streetwisepartners.org

I can go on. There are so many opportunities in education. Google your next venture!

Be Educated! Have no lack of knowledge. Be Blessed! (You’re welcome to share links to programs you know in education and/ or comments below.)


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