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So yesterday I walked for a cure for breast cancer research. I was joined by my mom, a stage four cancer patient and you wouldn’t even know it, along with my daughters, a Girl Scout Daisy and Junior who represented their troops. We made our donation which I hope many others did as well. There is power in numbers and much that can be done when lots of people give a little of what they have for a cause. Whether it’s using one’s own two feet to make a statement and walk for a cure or another supporting the action of an initiative, two can make a difference. It was my daughters' involvement in the Girl Scouts that inspired our action. Though we knew many people that were talking about walking, we are grateful this opportunity was added for the girls to participate. P.S. unbeknownst to them my girls found out after the walk they'll get badges for their action! You made not have been there or knew about it, but you can still participate too! Be blessed as you take action a…