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Melanie S. Lewis, Left and Brittany K. Earls, Right.
Photo By Riley Johnson III

On Saturday, March 27, 2010 I had the opportunity to attend the launch party of Genesis Magazine in New York City. I'm pictured with the editor in chief herself, Ms. Brittany K. Earls in the picture above.

On the same block as Grand Central Station was this celebration of new beginnings. Guests gathered on the 15th floor of a premiere office building on a Saturday evening. Fitting to the purpose of Genesis Magazine, the evening was about networking, information sharing, new possibilities and opportunities. While no one was getting down on the dance floor, all were celebrating new beginnings with a purpose!

The cake was good!-Photo By Riley Johnson III

Great connections were made by attendees. There were offers to become entrepreneurs, get help with small businesses, build your brand, meet potential financial representatives, health insurance for small business owners and more! It was also a very diverse atmosphere where people shared the goal of celebrating new beginnings.

The magazine was on hand for attendees to read and subscribe for the entire year for $20. Inside many contributors tell their stories of overcoming obstacles. Owners share their stories, entrepreneurs share their passions and artists share their talents. Others write how they broke down barriers in their lives. It's a very diverse publication with interesting subjects for everyone.

An attendee reacts to the magazine! Photo By Riley Johnson III.

When Brittany and I were able to chat she talked about the jobs she had in marketing. She spoke of her talents and experiences that could be transferred to her own venture. Though she's had her share of doubters that a magazine without the celebrity gossip and materialistic articles could make it, she is one of the newest editor in chief's in NYC today. Brittany's magazine highlights everyday people making extraordinary differences in their lives and the lives of others.

While there is alot of work that goes into producing the implemented vision seen in the pages "it's an easy pitch," Brittany said. "It's an opportunity for people to have 15 minutes of fame," she said. "We are not chasing Tiger Woods here."

Many of the publications advertisers were on the spot for the launch. They shared information about their businesses and gave Brittany their well wishes. Brittany and her creative team has a diverse group of investors and welcomes more to support this positive publication. There is even the opportunity to become the feature of the month! Be one of the first to visit the website today! Click Here Be Blessed! Peace.


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