National Teacher Appreciation Day!

I've got to say, Dr. Collete Hopkins and Professor James Mc Junkins were the most excellent professional educators I've met in my life. They were also friends. I hope they don't mind me calling them friends, for certainly they went above and beyond for me. I will never forget Mr. Mac, as we called him in college giving me a grade of "F" for writing Mass Media Arts Department instead of Department of Mass Media Arts. What would I expect from a professor that went on to work for the New York Times Newspaper after obtaining his degree.

Dr. Hopkins and I met while I worked on campus. I kept saying I'm gonna get a scholarship to Study Abroad in Jamaica. She actually ended up being my sponsor. She donated a significant amount while Mr. Mac loaned me the remaining balance, also significant. Thank God I was able pay him back before crossing the stage. (Smile)

I represented my school that summer at the University of the West Indies and received a 4.0 GPA for my studies. I went on to assist with the National Black Arts Festival Education Programs for about three years after meeting Dr. Hopkins. She was the Education Director. Dr. Hopkins led me into a creative world where I learned so much. Mr. Mac became my primary professor of Journalism. I received a lot of necessary correction to assist in my intended field.

These educators were far from slackers. They were excellent professionals in every sense. They wanted the best for me and put their own money to the cause of my education. I appreciate them very much. Mr. Mac was even the Grand Marshall at my graduation. My entire family, including my 76 year old grandma who got on a plane for the first time in her life came to witness this day. (Rest in peace E.L.M. 5/1926-7/2009.) I pray God's blessings on our great educators and wish a rippled blessing for their children. I appreciate all of my teachers in my life and leave you with a huge THANKS!

Be Blessed! Peace.
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