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Springs' Purposeful Productions! Part One

I'm grateful for family, friends and artists that inspire me by operating in their purpose. Today I highlight some of them and their productions. In March one of my fellow members of Rapha Evangelistic Worship Center, Ms. Suzette Maitland wrote and starred in a play entitled, ‘The Spirit and the Bride.’ Part 1 portrays the spiritual journey of a woman who attended a church that made her more depressed than joyful. Interactions with the pastor and some of the members were more like man’s rules than the love of God. It wasn’t until she continued to seek the father for herself and follow his instructions that she danced in the spirit, feeling the love and presence of God. Rapha Theatre will perform Part 2 of this series in the summer. Perhaps she’ll find a good place of fellowship to share her experience. More info coming soon! Visit Rapha Evangelistic Worship Center on Facebook! In April on By Nicole kane I read about the announcement of Meagan Good and Devon…