Glowing Pyched for 2010 Olympics!!!!!!

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Apologies for not posting on Thursday, but TGIF! Special Friday Countdown to the Olympics which begin on next Friday, February 12-28, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada!

"With Glowing Hearts" is the theme. Went online to check out prices to attend the opening ceremonies. Ouch! 1000+ ThresholdWorld will plan to attend Rio 2016. We will save now to be seated for those opening ceremonies and have a Workacation!

Check out the web sites linked throughout this post for all the details. So many new and exciting plans in store with the Paralympic and new youth Olympics underway in August. Just check it out.

Imagine, the world is watching and competing for the Gold! -So you know I, Melanie am writing this blog today. I will never forget watching the 1996 Olympics with my Czech Family in the Czech Republic. Thanks to UTube I can revisit and you with me. Boyz 2 Men were singing the National Anthem. You should have seen the look my home stays' face.

They hated it! I couldn't believe it. I think I said it's harmony. I guess they thought it was noise. Hey I got nothing but love for you guys!

On the other hand in my camp setting the Fugees was being played. I couldn't believe it! Honestly, this is the very first cd I ever purchased! Music is universal. It does bring people together and so does sports. This sport event is the most watched in the world!

Enjoy! I'm not gonna get too deep or more detailed about this subject. Just go online they're on Facebook too! If you know a teen that would like to experience an international camp and home stay experience like the one I had, check out the International YMCA Global Teens Travel Program today! Plenty other programs are out there if you don't fit this category. Just Google your interest today!

Be Blessed people of the world!-Peace.


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