A Real Thankful Thursday!

This has been a challenging week for me personally. It is not the first time and will not be the last. So often, people hear the good about people's lives. People don't usually voice real issues they've had until they're rich and famous.

All of my current projects are voluntary. I am unemployed, single, a mom, & living with my family; But it's temporary. I'm also the same woman that helped commemorate closing bell ceremonies at the New York Stock Exchange and worked for one of the largest financial institutions in the world, just recently. I never imagined those things would even happen.

I've stayed positive, put my best foot forward, in spite of difficulties, and persevered. Through it all, my faith has not wavered. I've become stronger and able to plan, volunteer and be creative to implement ideas. I really want to help people. I truly aspire to make a difference.

I believe people like reality shows because well, its supposedly true. Maybe there is something that they identify with, or their tired of watching other people get paid to act. Social networking sites are greatly appreciated. People are able to reconnect with old acquaintances, and keep up with some new. Yet people are seeking something real.

You can see from their posts that they want to be loved, and they want their voices heard. Many people are not your friend. Let's be real today! People of the world, confront the areas that you must; In order to be free to live your life of passion. Perhaps that's where your purpose really lies.

Your current situation is temporary. You must be consistent, studied and linked to the right people to maintain today. I personally have faith as well. Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Believe in something positive to make things happen!

Today, I am grateful for life and for you. Thank you for coming here to be inspired into action as I have been. This is the start of something fresh, new and awesome. Life is truly what you make it. Let's make it real.

Post what you are grateful for today! Or perhaps something you are struggling with and would like to discuss. You are welcome to send me an email. Have a Blessed Weekend! Fridn.


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