Out with the Old and In with the New: Are things better or worse?

I was at my parent’s apartment when the sink started to come off the wall. It was a good old sink, literally. It was the kind that had a tub and sink area. I remember being washed in the tub side as a child. The idea of being bathed in the tub of the sink and up from the floor was so cool.

Of course, mom was there with me and we had a regular bathroom with a tub. Moms just create fun ways to get things done. I washed my girls in it too. It fit their size just right at the time. My father used it for soaking clothes and collard greens. Smile. When everyone was over for dinner, all the pots and pans and dishes would be soaked before washing.

It was just multipurpose. The sink was very sturdy, white and porcelain –like. A chair had to be propped to hold it up till the super or apartment repair man came to fix it. After he took out the sink, there was a need for the floor to be redone. New wood was applied and linoleum was placed down.

Great! Looked nice, but the sink was still not replaced. A pipe was open and suds appeared, resulting in floor damage. The wood board and linoleum had come up and it wasn’t cute. The floor was then repaired again and at least mopping shouldn’t be a problem in the future.

The sink was also replaced. But now, the new sink had only one sink area. Dad wasn’t happy with that. It wasn’t what he requested. But it’s new and it’s on the wall. Unless it’s changed he will have to get used to it. Last I heard the kitchen will be painted today. The parents are celebrating their 50+wedding anniversary this week. They’ve made so many memories over the years and deserved a new kitchen for some time.

Something may be happening concerning you, that you just don’t like. What you may not know is it may be something for your good. If during this year something just doesn’t seem right, remember, sometimes things get worse before they get better. Perhaps it’s a prompt for you to do something. Be Blessed! Damai


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