Urban America to the World- Part II.

Welcome! If you didn't read the last post it's best to go back and read Part I. I had the blessed opportunity to attend the National Action Network Conference in NYC. The panels and panelists were very diverse and varied by industry. Attendees were able to hear from key leaders in Education, Health, Politics, Faith and much more!

I attended the session: Are People of Color Fairly Covered in the Media? Common consensus, No. "That's why their is a black press," stated Elinor Tatum, Publisher of the New York Amsterdam Newspaper. Why? One reason explained by Ed Schultz, anchor of MSNBC"s The Ed Show is "90% of media is controlled by conservatives. You gotta own the signal," Schultz said. George E. Curry of the Curry Report explained, "We need to plead our own cause. If we don't support our media there will be no one; We will have no voice," Curry said.

In the Special Plenary Session, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael S. Steele spoke of his job, the American Dream, and Education. Chairman Steele said his job is to "turn the elephant; Take the grand old party and make it the brand new party." Learned earlier in his career the necessity of listening and learning. Prepare to face challenges. Posed the question of whether the American Dream is a birthright or not?

Spoke of the statistics and challenges facing the black man as identified 47 years ago by President John F. Kennedy being relevant today. Click here for the full Civil Rights Speech courtesy of John F. Kennedy Library.org. Includes the story of two black men entering the University of Alabama for the first time with national guardsmen. Steele continued, "What happened on our way to the American Dream? It's time we stand for something different." Spoke of his surprise in seeing Newt Gingrich and Rev Al Sharpton campaigning for education reform. That's different, good cause. Spoke of "institutional injustice." He stated, "don't try to rescue the public school system at the risk of the children. We don't force kids into a system. If they can't compete, all of American is weaker," Steele said. "welcome innovative charter schools," Steele said."

Bishop Charles E. Blake, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ and Founder of Save Africa's Children spoke of the 5 initiatives of the 12,000 Churches he leads; Education, Job Development, Community, Strengthen Families; Fathers, and Literacy. His topic was "Lost purpose; Lose well being!" "Oppression forced much of Black America into unity. Adversity was a source of strength," Bishop Blake said. He spoke of Black America building in the midst of adversity. "All is not well with Black America," he stated, "40% Blacks to 80%Whites to be married, poorest, sickest, 1st to die, 56% of aids deaths, and 56% unemployed black males in NYC alone, Bishop Blake stated. There is a need to develop "a new panafrican vision. We've got to take charge of our own destinies," He said. "When people find something worth working for they find purpose. African Americans must join for Africa like Jews in America for Israel. "It's never too late. Your not enough is more than enough," he said.

Mr. Timothy Kaine, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee- Spoke about his experiences in the presidential campaign and the Democratic mantle. Spoke about signing on to President Barack Obama's campaign early. Originally turned down his current job, but President Obama said it was for him. Talked about of his proudest moments campaigning which included, his dad voting for a Democrat for the first time. "The mission of the Democratic party is presidential success," Kaine said. Which leads to further success within the democratic party he said. This is done through organizing for America. A website devoted informing the public on presidential matters. Lastly, he spoke of the Democratic mantle being that of Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act and the latest he's most proud of Health Care.

It was an awesome conference. Hope you were enlightened! As always, you are welcome to post your comments. Be Blessed! Peace.


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