THRESHOLDWORLD'S thoughts are with everyone affected by the events in Haiti. The earthquake hit 2 hours after our post yesterday. On Tuesday, we spoke about some things being broken in order to be rebuilt.

I'd like you to be enlightened about Haiti's history. Chuck Leddy wrote this piece for the Christian Science Monitor a couple of years back. Please copy and paste the following into your browser:

Any thoughts after reading this information? I learned this in college and not before. Some enslaved persons during prosperous Haiti actually fought and won; Yet victory was short lived and poverty stroked the land.

Relief efforts are being conducted by many great organizations. Please research before giving. The American Red Cross is a great organization to give and get help during this and other disaster situations. Go to The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is a trusted site and has posted a link to organizations they approve at
The talented artist, Wyclef Jean, also has a great organization for his native Haiti as well at

Our wish is that Haiti is rebuilt with love from all the nations of the world!

Be Blessed!-Lapé


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