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The Gift of Understanding

I hope you're having a wonderful day. I woke up early today and came across all of my favorite holiday movies. I watched as my children opened and played with their barbie dolls. Later, I watched the Joyce Meyer Show. The topic was about relationships. It's still early!

On today's show Dr. Gary Smalley was a guest and discussed relationships. It's known many of us will be around family and friends that we love, including those we just don't seem to mesh with. This was right on time for me. I have relationships with people that need improvement and was seeking advice for the future.

It was discussed that so often when people quarrel they're trying to change the other person. The real issue at had is usually not the reason for the quarrel. The quarrel is actually fear of personal issues or insecurities. Dr. Smalley's final advice was for us to focus on ourselves on what is causing us to react in the manner we do, in response to what others have done or said to…

Growing on Purpose

Hello. So nice to communicate with you. Happy Holidays as well. I am so excited that I am now connecting with the right people, organizations and events to make things happen!

I'm officially a public relations specialist for my worship center. In the past I'd just do what needed to be done because it was necessary and the laborers were few. I did have qualifications though. Now that my area of specialization has been identified I am amazed. Many non-profit org admins wear many hats.

Though I love hats this one is just right for any occasion. While finding this area of efficiency I've also found areas in which I need to improve. - I am very grateful. I've believed that putting God first and good deeds would help my life's purpose as surely it has. I've known for years that writing and public speaking are areas I'd work in some form but it's now happening consistently.

I've even identified the networks and organizations that will help propel my career.…

Mix it Up!

Water will help us all to survive. Yet it's time to plan and do more for our lives.

Picture a cup empty and then with some water. Once you drink it down you're like ...Ahhh. Your body is releaved. Especially if you were already thirsty.

A little later how about a glass of milk, orange juice or red wine! Hmmn. Color, calcium, vitamin C, celebration; Vibrancy, life, action! When I think of the threshold, I think of all the possibilities we have in life. Some of us just decide to survive and others hardly at all.

We become dehydrated when we do nothing or feel deprived, bored or like something is missing in our life. You do have a choice. Add diversity and options to your life. Don't go to the same place day after day, year after year. Have you met significant people?, gone to amazing places? or seen much differently than before? Mixing will produce a different kind of flavor. Keep drinking your water but every now and then mix it up.

I think I'll have a Pina Colada today!…

Get in Shape for the Fight of your Life!

The heavyweight champion works out daily. He or she has a trainer. They have a special diet. They drink lots of water. They wear protective gear.

They have a workout routine. Medical, dental and life insurance are necessary. Good health is important to continue fighting. If they're not well, it will effect their ability to win a fight.

Contenders have to win a fight to get to the next. They have to be a lightweight first. To be the greatest one has to train long, smart, have great trainer, the mind set and will do get there. They must have discipline to follow the rules of the ring and strategic energy to knock down the opposition. To block the blows of the opponent he or she will duck, punch, and go around the other to avoid being hit.

Like wise we must have a mentor that can guide us in meeting our goals. Do you feel weak or tired in your life? Or are you a fighter? Get in shape and stay in shape. You will win title, metals, and special honors for your preparation. Working smart…

Will You Be Amongst the Great?

This blog entry is dedicated to the numerous men, women, boys, and girls that make a difference in the world.

Today Alan Khazei, Co-Founder of the City Year Americorps Program ran a new race and finished. He campaigned for the senate seat of the late great Senator of Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy. Senator Kennedy was an advocate of City Year, service and the people. So fitting, many of us felt, that Mr. Khazei's phrase was 'Run Alan Run,' as he was encouraged to join this race.

In doing so, he further spread the news of City Year's great work in the United States and abroad. He also made others that googled him aware of his newer venture, Be the Change Inc. Mr. Khazei attended Harvard Law School with City Year CEO Michael Brown, who Co-Founded City Year with Mr. Khazei. Like President Obama they received their law degrees and worked in grassroots projects to assist and strengthen communities. The passion and dedication of these men along with like-minded team members set…

Rest Divine!

Greetings World:

So often people that give back, volunteer, or help others in some form or fashion don't give much of anything for themselves. Is this you? It is ok to to admit it. Confession is testimony to your soon deliverance.

When we take time for ourselves and rest in our own way, we give our mind the ability to think free thoughts. Our aspirations, goals, and plans can be mapped out. Developing a time and space to do so will also give the mind the creative ideas to form and gain inspiration to get things done.

Today I walked into Divine Connections Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY. It was such a nice experience. I was offered tea; which was right on point because this laryngitis has not gone away. I was able to view nice reading material. Steve Harvey's new book, 'Act like a Lady, Think Like A Man' was one I chose to pick up. I will be purchasing it! Thanks Mr. Harvey. God Bless ya the more!

As I sat under the dryer sipping my tea I thought of the things I plan to ac…


Hello World! So I got into a cab and Ahmed thought I was a Muslim. I had my burberryish scarf over my head and twirled around my neck. I'm not trying to play games with this laryngitis. It's gotta go!

Anyway, Ahmed starts asking where I'm from and is surprised initially when I say America. He likes the way I look and talk. I'm thinking, -I have laryngitis, but it was the words I used. He asked my profession then quickly guessed, 'are you an instructor or teacher?' I said, You can say that. I do teach emergency preparation in public schools.

Guess what world? Lucky guess, his wife is a teacher in NYC Public Schools. He asked me about my children. Then asked of my husbands' profession. I was like, I don't know yet, I don't have one. He said, 'you gotta look for him.'

I have never had a conversation with a cab driver like this ever. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York I was quite leery as to his questioning. I just followed the native New …

The Beginning: Just do it!

In the beginning was this word and it was sent to me from God. Threshold! defines it as the door. The place or point of entering or beginning. The level, point or value above which something is true or will take place and below which it is not or will not. What a definition!

Before I received this word I was singing the song "Stand" by Donnie McClurkin and then "Renewed" by Sheri Jones- Moffet. These songs were encouraging to me as I struggled up the street with my two little girls. I wondered when my change was gonna come. Why things had stayed the same for so long and how could the stream of poverty be broken in our communities? That's when I began hear this word.

I began to dance in the street. Something I honesty have never spiritually done. Those that know me know I love to dance but this was different. It was a personal proclamation. I began to leap for joy.

Although my present circumstances and those of the people around me were the same, I felt…