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The Effective Road.......

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It dosen't happen overnight. But as we work on it, whatever the change is for, we shall see a result! Every now and then something happens to cause us to want to do something. We may want to take action yet we may not know how.

We can join with a current group already in existence for that same change or start a campaign in our own community. Change does start in us first. Then we can be a more effective witness to our friends, family and community. That's how some preachers made it. Some of them were a mess and will tell you the same; but it was the change made that caused other people to see. Seeing the change in one helps others in their decision to listen. It is because of the one with evidence of change taking place in their life that gives this effect.

Just look at fundraisers for organizations. They always have the ones that experienced the program …
Hello World! It's always a blessing to communicate with you! So much has gone on in the world. ThresholdWorld partnered with From Crisis to Christ, a ministry led by Evangelist Joycelin Allgood, LSW at Rapha Evangelistic Worship Center in Brooklyn, New York last Saturday, September 10th for World Suicide Prevention Day. L-R-Joycelin Allgood, Melanie Lewis, Wanda McKiver, Adalia Raye Gwaltney Over 500 copies of information was distributed in the community of Ocean Hill/ Brownsville/ Bedstuy! We need your assistance to make it 1000 or more next year. Attendees shared personal stories of triumph over suicide attempts, thoughts, and feelings associated with this mental health issue. We prayed, read scriptures of instruction and sang songs of encouragement. We were blessed to have Wanda Mckiver, author and playwright of Black Rose Diaries, -(currently in production for Times Square) as well Ms, Adalia Raye Gwaltney, author of Wisdom Flows from the Heart: Inspiration for the …