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National Teacher of the Year 2010!

Hello World! Took a blog break on Wednesday, but were on facebook often. Just in case you missed it, view the video of President Barack Obama addressing educators and parents. He speaks of a child's first teacher being that of the parent. He encourages more reading and less television. He speaks of much more!Click the video below.

President Obama also presents an award to the National Teacher of the Year. Sarah Brown Wessling of Ohio. The decision making process can be found at the site of the Council of Chief State School Officers. Listen to her creative democracy in the classroom, collective notes of responsibility and passion to continue making a difference. Click here. Special thanks to

Be Inspired in your classrooms, homes and community.

Be Blessed! Peace.

National Teacher Appreciation Day!

I've got to say, Dr. Collete Hopkins and Professor James Mc Junkins were the most excellent professional educators I've met in my life. They were also friends. I hope they don't mind me calling them friends, for certainly they went above and beyond for me. I will never forget Mr. Mac, as we called him in college giving me a grade of "F" for writing Mass Media Arts Department instead of Department of Mass Media Arts. What would I expect from a professor that went on to work for the New York Times Newspaper after obtaining his degree.

Dr. Hopkins and I met while I worked on campus. I kept saying I'm gonna get a scholarship to Study Abroad in Jamaica. She actually ended up being my sponsor. She donated a significant amount while Mr. Mac loaned me the remaining balance, also significant. Thank God I was able pay him back before crossing the stage. (Smile)

I represented my school that summer at the University of the West Indies and received a 4.0 GPA for my studie…

A Week's Worth of Apples!

National Teacher's Week begins in the United States today! All over America from May 3-7, 2010 teacher's are being appreciated. This is actually celebrated all over the world. Click here!

I found a cool gift for my daughter's teachers at Fish and Edy's In NYC. It was a notebook pad that was actually a plate. I'm sure the art teacher will think this one is cool. Click here. How about that? Then I thought, would they really want to see another notebook or palette?

Well, it's a gesture of thanks. That's what this week is all about. Appreciating the work of teachers everywhere. I found a nice site online. I've got to repeat this for you to explore. Go to

Any stories of a special teacher in your life? Leave your comments below. I've had several teachers. The first I have to tell you about is my mother. She taught what me what not to do. (Smile.) She also showed me the world by keeping me involved in diverse programs in NYC and …