Economics, Balance and Love!

Hello World! I attended the 13th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit this afternoon in New York, NY. The topic: “Targeted Stimulus: A Call to Equity and Parity.” The event dates are January 13-15, 2010 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers.

The Project was founded on January 15, 1996 to honor the birth of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the beginning of the first quarter of the business year. The Project’s organizational origin, as referenced on the website, rests with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Operation Breadbasket, established by Dr. King in 1966 to work toward a more inclusive America by combining theology with the struggle for economic justice.

This afternoon’s highlights included: New York State Governor David Patterson receiving the Percy Sutton Award and Pastor Hezekiah Walker receiving the Reverend Timothy Wright award. The United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke of the many opportunities to help build community. The USDA’s Rural Business loans and grants help provide necessary assistance to make a difference.

The Reverend Dr. James A. Ford Jr., founder of Healing the Nations Foundation spoke about Greed. My worship center has similar inspiration, check out our site logo Reverend Ford referenced Dr. King’s sermon, 'The Dimensions of a Complete Life,' with sited biblical text from Revelation 21 vs.16.

The length of a man is love of self; the width/breadth is love of others and the height is the love of God. Reverend Ford spoke that many people are just out of balance. ‘It’s ok to have a yacht and bling, just don’t be out of balance,’ he said. He made an appeal for clergy to speak this message to their congregations. He concluded: If people find themselves out of balance, it can be leveled with love.

Be blessed this MLK weekend! Till next Tuesday, Peace.


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