Be Blessed! I usually say that at the end of blog entries. Today, I say it first. My wish for you is that you be inspired to do something for your life that will make it better.

I want you to be enlightened by a new idea, information or inspiration to cause you to react in a fashion that will cause you to walk the run way of life like the supermodel you are! Male or Female, you better work.

Work is necessary and can be hard, but keep it moving. Look good doing it as well. In spite of set backs, heartaches, disappointments and old habits; You can make it! Continue to feed yourself with positive thoughts and explore something new to renew your mind.

I am a woman of faith. This blog was created out of prayer to my father God. My consistent prayer is that you be blessed! Go back and click on the link at the start of the post. Bishop Paul S. Morton is a blessing and featured in the video. Peace.


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