Ya Heard?

I had an appointment today at my local radio station. I saw where some of the on-air personalities work everyday. -Including where Wendy Williams once sat, along with some of her offices. I viewed the studio where Steve Harvey and Hezekiah Walker have their shows. I even waved at Egypt while she was on air in the studio. It was cool to see and experience behind the scene info.

There is no amazing furniture they sit in. No colorful walls to inspire them. Their mouthpiece is the creative energy that facilitates the events, news, and music to get people through the day. They reach so many people too. Online, live stream, on air, and satellite for other states to listen in the show.

Writing for radio and commercials is creative as well. Including too many details can cause one to loose listeners. Communicating effectively is essential; For so many reasons. I heard Steve Harvey on the radio just this morning talking about someone that wrote a commercial and really didn't understand the sport they were advertising. He wasn't happy about that. He communicated on air the proper understanding necessary for the commercial. Right on the spot.

While on air, they've got to expect the unexpected. They Ad lib, are actors and actresses, comedians, entertainers and with amazing personalities. It really is an art. In order to communicate effectively let's use our mouths with full creative energy. Think before we speak, and be mindful of our listeners.

Who is your audience? Sharing information can make or break us depending upon our intelligence on the subject. What we are listening to or communicating can have an amazing effect on many people. Let's keep it positive and informing; Enlightening and empowering.

Be Blessed! Peace.


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