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International Love for South Africa!

(Pic-Melanie and Sabrina Lewis) On June 20, 1990 I watched history take place before Former South African President Nelson Mandela even became President! He visited New York in less than five months of his release from imprisonment in Apartheid South Africa. The honorable David Dinkins was our mayor at the time. My mother took my sister and I to the square on Broadway near Fulton Street where we got a good view of his motorcade as it went pass. I remember hearing very loudly the African calls of excitement, and holding the signs above. Click Here to read the awesome New York Times Archive of that Day! While saddened by Mandela's ailing state, I'm praying for the nations. Let's all continue to celebrate his great continued legacy in service to our fellow man and woman. After all it was' advocacy and international support' that helped him be freed after 27 years and become the first democratic leader of South Africa, as communicated in the Kenneth S. Brown book…