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Hello World!

I've missed sharing with you. A friend of mine recently told me every day is a gift that's why it's called the present! So while you celebrate your holiday season remember that life is the greatest gift. There is meaning in every celebration. You will hear holiday music of all kinds this season. I encourage you to listen to the words.

I recently heard Stevie Wonder's song, "Someday at Christmas Time." In this song he references dreams of a time we may not see now but hopefully one day it will be seen if not by us someday at Christmas Time. Perhaps he chose this time because its a time of peace, joy, giving and sharing with family and friends. Imagine if we all had dreams we worked on for a better world. If in our lifetime we didn't see it come to pass we'd leave a legacy for future generations to continue working on it.

Imagine when the measureable goals are reached and we see the work of those…

Get UP! Stand UP! DANCE!!!!

My name is Melanie Shaleya Lewis and I am the founder of ThresholdWorld.

This blog was started out of my personal perseverance to make a change in my life for others. I faithfully danced in the height of my unpaid work, while personal circumstances challenged me. I became inspired by a word gift from above and acted on it!

Hence today! -You are reading, I am writing and experiencing what I never thought or imagined. That's a quick recap of this blogs beginning. You can view the very first post from December 2009 in the archives. My passion to serve comes from my father Jesus Christ who died for the world to be free from a life of mess and continuance of it after death. Take it or leave it for what that means for you. Transformational thinking, living, and speaking will determine your fate; I pray you choose a positive threshold in your personal world.

ThresholdWorld is a space to learn ideas, information and inspiration to spur your life into transformative action! I write of my p…


Hello you! Thanks for reading today. Gumption is the #1 word of the day at Merriam Webster Online. "In its earliest uses, gumption referred to intelligence or common sense, especially when those qualities were combined with high levels of energy. By the 1860s, American English speakers were also using gumption to imply ambition or tenacity, but it wasn't until the early 1900s that gumption began to appear in English texts as a direct synonym of courage or get-up-and-go."-Merriam Webster Online.

So now intelligence, common sence, high levels of energy, ambition, tenacity, and courage, will all help us to get up and go do something positive!

Get Gumption. Be Blessed!

The Effective Road.......

Visit for personal advice on change.

It dosen't happen overnight. But as we work on it, whatever the change is for, we shall see a result! Every now and then something happens to cause us to want to do something. We may want to take action yet we may not know how.

We can join with a current group already in existence for that same change or start a campaign in our own community. Change does start in us first. Then we can be a more effective witness to our friends, family and community. That's how some preachers made it. Some of them were a mess and will tell you the same; but it was the change made that caused other people to see. Seeing the change in one helps others in their decision to listen. It is because of the one with evidence of change taking place in their life that gives this effect.

Just look at fundraisers for organizations. They always have the ones that experienced the program …
Hello World! It's always a blessing to communicate with you! So much has gone on in the world. ThresholdWorld partnered with From Crisis to Christ, a ministry led by Evangelist Joycelin Allgood, LSW at Rapha Evangelistic Worship Center in Brooklyn, New York last Saturday, September 10th for World Suicide Prevention Day. L-R-Joycelin Allgood, Melanie Lewis, Wanda McKiver, Adalia Raye Gwaltney Over 500 copies of information was distributed in the community of Ocean Hill/ Brownsville/ Bedstuy! We need your assistance to make it 1000 or more next year. Attendees shared personal stories of triumph over suicide attempts, thoughts, and feelings associated with this mental health issue. We prayed, read scriptures of instruction and sang songs of encouragement. We were blessed to have Wanda Mckiver, author and playwright of Black Rose Diaries, -(currently in production for Times Square) as well Ms, Adalia Raye Gwaltney, author of Wisdom Flows from the Heart: Inspiration for the …


Tallest building, middle, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

The experience of seeing New York City 70 stories high from the view of the observation deck at the Top of the Rock is exciting for many visitors. Earlier this summer two guys passed me holding a sign that read 'Leaving America Today, Out of Money, Must See Top of Rock.'- They learned New York quickly; Yet it is a very serious matter when one decides to make it their last view in life, as one suicide survivor on Wednesday, August 10, 2011.

As I walked toward my job from lunch I saw people in the streets pointing up. No cars where coming down the street. I wondered along with others, what the heck was everyone looking at? A lady pointed out to me a man at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, site of Top of the Rock and and NBC Studios. I was told the man was trying to commit suicide.

Here is a video by the NY Post which specifies how responders dealt with the situation. Can you imagine? He lost his job, felt he could not go on…


On Friday, April 29, 2011 I witnessed nine ladies have meltdowns due to their own personal issues and then powerfully inspire an audience as they gained strength on stage. Real life scenarios are portrayed in this production by talented diverse women. One of them was my fellow alum of Clark Atlanta University, Ms. Khaya Myers. Khaya is an actress in this off Broadway play called the Meltdown. The play will open this evening, Friday, May 27, 2011 and run through Saturday, June 4, 2011. Get your tickets at now at

On this particular evening was The Meltdown Chocolate & Wine Fundraiser Gala 8pm -11pm at the Roy Arias theatre on 43rd Street and 8th Ave in New York City which is where the play will be held. Comedians, musicians, and the actresses performed to raise funds for the production. Guests sipped red or white wine while networking and met the cast before viewing live selected scenes of the play.

Left to Right-Jennifer, Khaya, and me.


The Experience Of A Drumline! & So Much More!

Hello World,

There's an expression in the U.S.- 'It ain't over till the big lady sings.'-In this case it's just the beginning, and no one fits the pun. The 5th Annual, "Battle In the Apple" drumline, dance and step competition in New York will kick off with a free gospel concert featuring the largely talented and inspirational sounds of the Virgina University Gospel Chorale. Thursday, March 17, 2011 at Grace Deliverance Tabernacle. Doors open 6:30pm at 650 Remsen Avenue, corner of Avenue A in Brooklyn, N.Y. Tickets are mandatory. Go to or call (347)264-4069.

Click here to see a performance by the Virginia University Gospel Chorale. Click here to see another by the same.

The "Battle In the Apple" main event takes place on this Saturday, March 19, and Sunday, March 20th, 2011. Beats are going to be down in the Baruch College Gymnasium. Doors open 5pm at 55 Lexington Avenue at the corner of 23rd Street.…

Yanni Is Coming To Town!

On April 9, 2011 Yanni will be accompanied by his orchestra at Radio City Music Hall and possibly a city near you! Check out his website at I submitted an application to join his street team and share more info with you. Here's an excerpt:

Dear Yanni Street Team,

I first came to know and love Yanni and Orchestra while watching a special, Yanni Live at the Acropolis, on PBS when I lived in Boston back in 1998. I've never forgotten that experience. I've been a fan every since. Now Yanni is coming to New York City, my place of birth and residence.

I want you to know, I've never purchased a ticket for an event so far in advance for any reason in my life. Yanni and Orchestra are blessed with such talented gifts from above. In all of the world they are on my list of the most amazing, inspirational, lovely, eccentric, group of musicians.

I am the writer of ThresholdWorld. It is a blog to inform and inspire individuals of the world into positive action. Every expe…

Packing On Purpose!

February is finally here. I love it! Take full advantage. It is indeed a month filled with so much festivity, yet is the shortest of them all.

Groundhogs, birthdays, presidents, black history, leap year or not, mid-winter recess for schools, and whatever else you add to the list. Whew! Just goes to show life is short too. We should pack in as much love and positivity into our daily lives as possible. This practice will help us along our everyday journeys.

The experiences soon to come with Soul Purpose and ThresholdWorld are bigger than ever before! Spring will bring some events you won’t want to miss; so use this message as a premise. Browse the site and order something today.

Life is too short. Don’t Delay. Live Laugh Love
& Be Blessed!

Serve For A Change

January 17, 2011

Are you the same person you were in 2010? Has anything changed about you or your surroundings recently? Small minute changes over time can significantly add new flavor to your life. Like that of a Pret brownie changed several times; you too can taste the difference made during your lifetime. Just continue to serve. Click Here for special video by LyriczAlterEgo on You Tube.

It's not by chance Thresholdworld resumes on this Martin Luther King Jr./MLK Day! A 2011 and beyond solution to world problems is service! We serve by writing inspiring notes to cause you to a change for your better, for your family, in your community, for the nation and the world! In the process, we improve and learn new ideas, meet new people and share experiences along this journey. Ripples of hope is the goal here for the implementation of solutions.

Today is "A Day On!" It's a day of teaming up for solutions. While looking in the Mirror at ourselves and make personal changes we…