Life, Purpose & Legacy!

Welcome to Tuesday! It's a brand new day to be thankful for life. Let's live our best life now!!!! There is an urgency. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us.

Many of us are aware of the tragic death of Poland's leaders last Friday. While prayers are being sent out, especially from Thresholdworld and many others, affairs are still going forth with an election to be held for a new president in less than three months. The affairs of the country must go on.

If you were to perish, what do you think would be said about you? What is your contribution to your family, friends, work or community? Reflect for a moment.

Are you an island? Is the world like water surrounded by your land. Together everyone achieves more and you are needed to provide a resource, fund a project, plant a tree, protest injustice, or something you are passionate about. Your life has purpose!

That's all for today. Life goes on without us; but with our current input into society, we leave a legacy for those that remain.

Be Blessed! Your comments are welcome. Peace.


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