Fundamental of Change

Happy Thursday! One day to go for the weekend; Hope this week was a positively productive one for you. Make it even better in the future, make sure you've done the basics.

Education is fundamental to your change. In your industry, home, personal life, etc, learning is the basic prinicpal to understand how to create the change you need. Unfortunately, many of us in the world are not taking advantage of the vast resources available.

The library, wise man or woman in town, professionals, mentors -that have experience on the area of interest and even the Holy Bible can assist in your quest. Yes, they say history repeats and certainly it does. Though this is 2010 people experienced life and death centuries ago too. War, peace, sickness, building a business, and disasters as well.

When a person or group starts a new business, research is done to market the business to the audience they intend to reach and make income, to stay in business. Existing businesses are studied as well. Education of both those that do well and those that do not help a new company have an idea what to avoid and what may be a consideration when implementing the business plan.

There's nothing like being educated. When you have knowledge and understanding of it, then you have wisdom for change.

Be Blessed! Peace.


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