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In death we leave memories to family, friends and co-workers; Yet our spirit of service can live on as a legacy as well.

Many educational institutions, non-profit organizations, churches, public and private businesses receive gifts from those that have been laid to rest from their labors. This act helps many organizations to still be standing decades later. Ask the development department of your favorite charity or organization. Tell them you'd like to make a lasting commitment to their cause. Nowadays one can request over a million on life insurance anyway, so why not allow your specified amount to go towards a good cause.

Perhaps your name can live on and your philanthropic efforts be commemorated in a ribbon cutting for a new building, computer lab, classroom, library, etc. Check the better business bureau and other accountability organizations about the financials of your organization; Speak to your lawyer and touch up that will. Leave a legacy that will make a difference afte…

A Real Thankful Thursday!

This has been a challenging week for me personally. It is not the first time and will not be the last. So often, people hear the good about people's lives. People don't usually voice real issues they've had until they're rich and famous.

All of my current projects are voluntary. I am unemployed, single, a mom, & living with my family; But it's temporary. I'm also the same woman that helped commemorate closing bell ceremonies at the New York Stock Exchange and worked for one of the largest financial institutions in the world, just recently. I never imagined those things would even happen.

I've stayed positive, put my best foot forward, in spite of difficulties, and persevered. Through it all, my faith has not wavered. I've become stronger and able to plan, volunteer and be creative to implement ideas. I really want to help people. I truly aspire to make a difference.

I believe people like reality shows because well, its supposedly true. Maybe there is…

Wisdom Wednesday: The Grass Will Not Worry!

As soon as my sister and I entered the botanical gardens today, we both took a deep breath in and you could hear the ahhhhhhh from our mouths. We then began to laugh. The serenity, beauty and oasis of the garden just soaked up all worry, ill thoughts, hard decisions and heartaches.

In the botanical gardens you take a trip to another place. The Japanese Hill and Pond Garden, may have possibly made me want to learn Japanese in college. The Crandford Rose Garden, made me think of new beginnings. The Cherry Esplanade/Walk is the place to sit, think, and write. The Adventure of the Tropical Rain Forest, Desert and Warm Climate Temperate Pavilions are amazing experiences.

Such a gem. It's always been my favorite place to be in the world. Yet, I'm still traveling and hope to see all the beauty that God made. If there is no place in your home to escape from stress and just take time out to breathe, seek an experience in your community. A quiet natural place.

If near your job there is …

A Child Shall Lead!

LEFT TO RIGHT – Sylvia Lewis-Grace, 6yrs & Legacy Lewis, 3yrs.

On Monday morning, I found a family friendly project to attend. It was the Children for Children/Youth Hands On Network’s Eighth Annual Grow Involved on Martin Luther King Jr. Day Event in New York City. The girls and I traveled to East Harlem to the P.S.57 James Weldon Johnson Leadership Academy. The same project was being held at the Martin Luther King High School as well and sponsored by the Citi Foundation.

Some of the projects included: Designing fleece scarves for the homeless, knitting blankets for infants, painting murals and assembling school supply kits as indicated on the website Children aged 6 and under participated in a special service feature called, ‘The Dream World.’ The entrance was decorated in such an inviting manner. The children crossed the threshold of service, passing through blue, white, and silver balloons, stars and silver metallic d├ęcor draped from the ceiling to…

Economics, Balance and Love!

Hello World! I attended the 13th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit this afternoon in New York, NY. The topic: “Targeted Stimulus: A Call to Equity and Parity.” The event dates are January 13-15, 2010 at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers.

The Project was founded on January 15, 1996 to honor the birth of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the beginning of the first quarter of the business year. The Project’s organizational origin, as referenced on the website, rests with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Operation Breadbasket, established by Dr. King in 1966 to work toward a more inclusive America by combining theology with the struggle for economic justice.

This afternoon’s highlights included: New York State Governor David Patterson receiving the Percy Sutton Award and Pastor Hezekiah Walker receiving the Reverend Timothy Wright award. The United States Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke of the many opp…


THRESHOLDWORLD'S thoughts are with everyone affected by the events in Haiti. The earthquake hit 2 hours after our post yesterday. On Tuesday, we spoke about some things being broken in order to be rebuilt.

I'd like you to be enlightened about Haiti's history. Chuck Leddy wrote this piece for the Christian Science Monitor a couple of years back. Please copy and paste the following into your browser:

Any thoughts after reading this information? I learned this in college and not before. Some enslaved persons during prosperous Haiti actually fought and won; Yet victory was short lived and poverty stroked the land.

Relief efforts are being conducted by many great organizations. Please research before giving. The American Red Cross is a great organization to give and get help during this and other disaster situations. Go to The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability is a trusted site and has posted a …

Out with the Old and In with the New: Are things better or worse?

I was at my parent’s apartment when the sink started to come off the wall. It was a good old sink, literally. It was the kind that had a tub and sink area. I remember being washed in the tub side as a child. The idea of being bathed in the tub of the sink and up from the floor was so cool.

Of course, mom was there with me and we had a regular bathroom with a tub. Moms just create fun ways to get things done. I washed my girls in it too. It fit their size just right at the time. My father used it for soaking clothes and collard greens. Smile. When everyone was over for dinner, all the pots and pans and dishes would be soaked before washing.

It was just multipurpose. The sink was very sturdy, white and porcelain –like. A chair had to be propped to hold it up till the super or apartment repair man came to fix it. After he took out the sink, there was a need for the floor to be redone. New wood was applied and linoleum was placed down.

Great! Looked nice, but the sink was still …