The Gift of Understanding

I hope you're having a wonderful day. I woke up early today and came across all of my favorite holiday movies. I watched as my children opened and played with their barbie dolls. Later, I watched the Joyce Meyer Show. The topic was about relationships. It's still early!

On today's show Dr. Gary Smalley was a guest and discussed relationships. It's known many of us will be around family and friends that we love, including those we just don't seem to mesh with. This was right on time for me. I have relationships with people that need improvement and was seeking advice for the future.

It was discussed that so often when people quarrel they're trying to change the other person. The real issue at had is usually not the reason for the quarrel. The quarrel is actually fear of personal issues or insecurities. Dr. Smalley's final advice was for us to focus on ourselves on what is causing us to react in the manner we do, in response to what others have done or said to us. We can have peace with others, when we control our emotions and seek to find our issue with the situation at hand.

Mrs. Meyer felt we should not go into a situation dreading seeing someone before we even get there. When we do this we are expecting a situation to occur. She felt we should first pray and ask God to help us deal with the person that we seem to have a challenging time dealing with. If we have to go to the bathroom to take time out before a possible incident occurs, she suggested we do so. I appreciated this show today. Certainly, if anything Dr. Smalley and Mrs. Meyer talked about seems like it would be helpful for you, then use it in your relationships.

I like to share information and appreciate this understanding today. I will focus on me and have greater peace in relationships. What are you doing to have peace and understanding today? Be blessed! Shalom.


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