Get in Shape for the Fight of your Life!

The heavyweight champion works out daily. He or she has a trainer. They have a special diet. They drink lots of water. They wear protective gear.

They have a workout routine. Medical, dental and life insurance are necessary. Good health is important to continue fighting. If they're not well, it will effect their ability to win a fight.

Contenders have to win a fight to get to the next. They have to be a lightweight first. To be the greatest one has to train long, smart, have great trainer, the mind set and will do get there. They must have discipline to follow the rules of the ring and strategic energy to knock down the opposition. To block the blows of the opponent he or she will duck, punch, and go around the other to avoid being hit.

Like wise we must have a mentor that can guide us in meeting our goals. Do you feel weak or tired in your life? Or are you a fighter? Get in shape and stay in shape. You will win title, metals, and special honors for your preparation. Working smart for your life will give the resources necessary to rest as you wish when it's time to break from the ring and rejuvenate.

Don't give up mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, aunt, friend, guardian. Whoever you are you must roll up your sleeves and and knock out your personal opposition. Get the belt that fits your waist. It's tailor made for you! Are you in shape? Be Blessed! Paix


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