Growing on Purpose

Hello. So nice to communicate with you. Happy Holidays as well. I am so excited that I am now connecting with the right people, organizations and events to make things happen!

I'm officially a public relations specialist for my worship center. In the past I'd just do what needed to be done because it was necessary and the laborers were few. I did have qualifications though. Now that my area of specialization has been identified I am amazed. Many non-profit org admins wear many hats.

Though I love hats this one is just right for any occasion. While finding this area of efficiency I've also found areas in which I need to improve. - I am very grateful. I've believed that putting God first and good deeds would help my life's purpose as surely it has. I've known for years that writing and public speaking are areas I'd work in some form but it's now happening consistently.

I've even identified the networks and organizations that will help propel my career. I'm so excited to have now become familiar with You all know I wish you peace at the end of every blog entry. During this holiday season while looking up peace I discovered the blog of Norris from and his entry on peace. I immediately shared it on FB and subscribed to their newsletter. It's so impressive. Great information sharing, inspiration and faith based. Hmmm sound familiar?

What I love is that the Co-founder, Steve Waldman is an accomplished Journalist and Entreprenuer. He was once the senior advisor to the ceo of the Corporation of National Service in the 90's! I read this with excitment. Love It! Truely my concentration in school was Journalism and I was a member of the Corporation for National Service in the 90's. Mr. Waldman actually left in November to become a senior advisor the the chairman of the FCC. He will be serving in strategic planning focusing on Journalism and New Media.

Mr. Waldman is a man to know about at this time in my life. Certainly -l recognize his face from news shows but fully understand his excellent contribution to Journalism, faith and entreprenual implementation. I've said much. Are you growing in your purpose? Has your area of specialization been uncovered? Are you ready willing and able to accept the call? Are you networking in that area? Work to make a difference and you will possibly find your purpose. Be Blessed! Peace


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