Rest Divine!

Greetings World:

So often people that give back, volunteer, or help others in some form or fashion don't give much of anything for themselves. Is this you? It is ok to to admit it. Confession is testimony to your soon deliverance.

When we take time for ourselves and rest in our own way, we give our mind the ability to think free thoughts. Our aspirations, goals, and plans can be mapped out. Developing a time and space to do so will also give the mind the creative ideas to form and gain inspiration to get things done.

Today I walked into Divine Connections Hair Salon in Brooklyn, NY. It was such a nice experience. I was offered tea; which was right on point because this laryngitis has not gone away. I was able to view nice reading material. Steve Harvey's new book, 'Act like a Lady, Think Like A Man' was one I chose to pick up. I will be purchasing it! Thanks Mr. Harvey. God Bless ya the more!

As I sat under the dryer sipping my tea I thought of the things I plan to accomplish. I envisioned myself there. I then read the beginning the Mr. Harvey's advice on relationships. I thought of how it related to past relationships and how I'd go about things in future relationships.

They had very nice customer service. Before leaving out with a new do, I received literature on events in my community and coupons for local businesses -including their spa. I now know of more places in my diverse community, met new people, look and feel good. I made time for me and by doing so was able to feel even better the next day.

I wished I was able to write for you all while I was at the spa yet, I had no connection. It was actually good for me though because it was time to relax. Be Blessed! Paz.


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