The Beginning: Just do it!

In the beginning was this word and it was sent to me from God. Threshold! defines it as the door. The place or point of entering or beginning. The level, point or value above which something is true or will take place and below which it is not or will not. What a definition!

Before I received this word I was singing the song "Stand" by Donnie McClurkin and then "Renewed" by Sheri Jones- Moffet. These songs were encouraging to me as I struggled up the street with my two little girls. I wondered when my change was gonna come. Why things had stayed the same for so long and how could the stream of poverty be broken in our communities? That's when I began hear this word.

I began to dance in the street. Something I honesty have never spiritually done. Those that know me know I love to dance but this was different. It was a personal proclamation. I began to leap for joy.

Although my present circumstances and those of the people around me were the same, I felt victory instead of defeat. This was due to the word of God that simply said to me personally-Threshold! I include the World in this testimony of my blogs birth. We the world in all our diversity will break the personal struggles that have held us back individually by the door. What ever your door is or is not will be your decision to make.

Entering or beginning will determine your outcome. You may currently be midway through the breaking point. It's time to make a decision. It's your move. If you're royalty don't allow anyone to take your crown.

What is your threshold right now? What opportunity are you about to give up if you don't complete that next project? What can you do to start a program to solve a problem in your community? What leap of faith must you take to reach a higher level in your life? I encourage you to be positive and get to a point of value; The place or thing that will give you joy as I had dancing in the street.

This blog is a journey and such is life. We will keep things moving. We will travel together. We will meet new people, share ideas, and marvel at the opportunities that become available; All because we decided to make a move in a positive direction. Be blessed beautiful people of the world! Peace.


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