Hello World! So I got into a cab and Ahmed thought I was a Muslim. I had my burberryish scarf over my head and twirled around my neck. I'm not trying to play games with this laryngitis. It's gotta go!

Anyway, Ahmed starts asking where I'm from and is surprised initially when I say America. He likes the way I look and talk. I'm thinking, -I have laryngitis, but it was the words I used. He asked my profession then quickly guessed, 'are you an instructor or teacher?' I said, You can say that. I do teach emergency preparation in public schools.

Guess what world? Lucky guess, his wife is a teacher in NYC Public Schools. He asked me about my children. Then asked of my husbands' profession. I was like, I don't know yet, I don't have one. He said, 'you gotta look for him.'

I have never had a conversation with a cab driver like this ever. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York I was quite leery as to his questioning. I just followed the native New Yorker common sense role, -don't revel anything really personal. I did live down south for a while so I'm a little more friendly then before I attended college, I think.

Anyway, he was cool. I asked how long he'd been in New York and he said two years. I told him about the blog and my interest to learn more of the Pakistani culture in New York and abroad starting with restaurants. He gave me his contact info and says he will take me himself.

I was like wow. I've never had a cab driver take me out to dinner. I said, your wife is coming right I want to meet her. We don't play those games people.

I will keep you posted on this occurrence. Have you ever met anyone providing you a service and built a rapport? Maybe we should all open up a little more in order for someone to take us through new door of opportunity. Lets share. Be Blessed! Shalom


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