Mix it Up!

Water will help us all to survive. Yet it's time to plan and do more for our lives.

Picture a cup empty and then with some water. Once you drink it down you're like ...Ahhh. Your body is releaved. Especially if you were already thirsty.

A little later how about a glass of milk, orange juice or red wine! Hmmn. Color, calcium, vitamin C, celebration; Vibrancy, life, action! When I think of the threshold, I think of all the possibilities we have in life. Some of us just decide to survive and others hardly at all.

We become dehydrated when we do nothing or feel deprived, bored or like something is missing in our life. You do have a choice. Add diversity and options to your life. Don't go to the same place day after day, year after year. Have you met significant people?, gone to amazing places? or seen much differently than before? Mixing will produce a different kind of flavor. Keep drinking your water but every now and then mix it up.

I think I'll have a Pina Colada today! I'm gonna have lunch with a friend in Manhattan and then print up some business cards. I've got a new place to go. I'm gonna meet some new people tomorrow! How about You? Got anything to drink besides water? Are just just surviving? Be Blessed! Pace.


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