Blessed Autumn World!-As we begin to transition from warm to cooler weather we'll learn of opportunities to rededicate ourselves in community initiatives. I've listed some common and perhaps unknown ways to participate in this post.
Did you know that your local Police Precinct has meetings with the community each month? In all five boroughs of New York City there is a Community Council. Check your part of the world for meetings and engagement with local police departments. Learn what the department has achieved, ask your questions, learn how you might even be able to participate in some initiative. You'd be surprised what you may learn!
The local police department usually has representation at your Monthly local Community Board Meeting. New businesses, road work, zoning issues and more are discussed at these important meetings. Local elected officials and/or their reps attend these meetings as well. You'd get info about their initiatives in your community. Remember you voted them in office and you also can voice what you'd like to see done. (They also have constituent hours for as well.) You're able to ask questions, attend committee meetings and by way of recommendation from an elected official -join as an official community board member. As a community board member you'd be able to vote whether you'd approve certain changes in your community. As a regular attendee you can even ask ahead to bring forth an important issue as a speaker. Your community is your neighbor. You are an excellent voice in your community.
Parent Teacher Association! As a parent leader and education instructor it's absolutely essential that I express my deep concern for us as guardians and teachers, etc. to be proactive in our children's educational upbringing. Representation from each partnering education entity has a great contribution to share. Meetings are once a month! FYI-Parent leaders are volunteers, as are community board members who give their time to serve and represent the general community on specific projects. They certainly get great things done with the communities participation. So..... if your company will sponsor the food at the fall festival or give tickets to the upcoming Christmas show or you are great at baking a cake, by all means Do It! :)) Dues are not usually mandatory but help to support the operating budget of of membership initiatives. If you have the ability to serve on the School Leadership Team assisting in the Comprehensive Development Plan of the school, serve as a Learning Leader or just help at lunch time WOW!!! what an appreciated help you'd be! I did recreational activities during recess when my girls were in their earlier years and those kids where ecstatic. :) I had fun too! P.S. Many parent memberships are now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram-for you to stay abreast with what's going on. -Parents that support their child, teachers, and school are powerful. Implement positive change as much as you see the need. Our children and schools benefit greatly.
Church Meeting- Now you know your tithes or 10% given to church plus offering are going towards the bills of the church right? P.S. Many pastors got jobs too! Don't get mad when they get a cool car. They deal with some stuff. They're like psychiatrists, etc. Buy yourself a cool car too! I'm just saying that the church that you attend every Sunday or on Easter and Christmas, Funerals and Weddings is there year round giving inspiration for our life's journey. They got bills like we pay rent and/ mortgage.- Let's not forget that when the offering tray passes. Got questions??? They've also got meetings. Trustees meet to discuss financial matters. Church business meetings are at times held annually. Support the church that your great grandmother helped build and it may still be there when your grands are christened.
Family Meetings-Last but not least I'll end with the family meeting because we can make a great difference in our community and world but we must take care of home. Supporting one another and asking how things are going. Speaking of what to do in event of death, emergency or dealing with difficult situations are necessary. -We've gotta talk about those uncomfortable things. That's what family is for. Family will be there when no one else will. So yeah there's a lot that we can put forth this season. If ya can't make certain meetings, definitely get the minutes and participate in other ways. Just ask how you can take part. Together the beloved community gains more! Be blessed as you meet and greet for a change.


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