Hello World!

I've missed sharing with you. A friend of mine recently told me every day is a gift that's why it's called the present! So while you celebrate your holiday season remember that life is the greatest gift. There is meaning in every celebration. You will hear holiday music of all kinds this season. I encourage you to listen to the words.

I recently heard Stevie Wonder's song, "Someday at Christmas Time." In this song he references dreams of a time we may not see now but hopefully one day it will be seen if not by us someday at Christmas Time. Perhaps he chose this time because its a time of peace, joy, giving and sharing with family and friends. Imagine if we all had dreams we worked on for a better world. If in our lifetime we didn't see it come to pass we'd leave a legacy for future generations to continue working on it.

Imagine when the measureable goals are reached and we see the work of those that have come before us in our lifetime. Let's work to live out our best lives so that we can see a better world one day at Christmas Time.

May you and yours be blessed today and always!


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