Serve For A Change

January 17, 2011

Are you the same person you were in 2010? Has anything changed about you or your surroundings recently? Small minute changes over time can significantly add new flavor to your life. Like that of a Pret brownie changed several times; you too can taste the difference made during your lifetime. Just continue to serve. Click Here for special video by LyriczAlterEgo on You Tube.

It's not by chance Thresholdworld resumes on this Martin Luther King Jr./MLK Day! A 2011 and beyond solution to world problems is service! We serve by writing inspiring notes to cause you to a change for your better, for your family, in your community, for the nation and the world! In the process, we improve and learn new ideas, meet new people and share experiences along this journey. Ripples of hope is the goal here for the implementation of solutions.

Today is "A Day On!" It's a day of teaming up for solutions. While looking in the Mirror at ourselves and make personal changes we can also assist to help someone else. MLK Day reminds us that serving is something we can all do. The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great one because he is an example of what we can all be. Anyone can be great! Let it begin in you!

Volunteerism all over America happens today and more resume tomorrow and everyday around the world. Click A Day On">Day On to see how you can make a difference! You can also Click the following to hear a great intro by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about service and tour the site to learn more. Click Here!

You are welcome to share your MLK Service Day or Personal Change below and/or on Facebook. Serve for a change. Be Blessed! Peace.


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