Get UP! Stand UP! DANCE!!!!

My name is Melanie Shaleya Lewis and I am the founder of ThresholdWorld.

This blog was started out of my personal perseverance to make a change in my life for others. I faithfully danced in the height of my unpaid work, while personal circumstances challenged me. I became inspired by a word gift from above and acted on it!

Hence today! -You are reading, I am writing and experiencing what I never thought or imagined. That's a quick recap of this blogs beginning. You can view the very first post from December 2009 in the archives. My passion to serve comes from my father Jesus Christ who died for the world to be free from a life of mess and continuance of it after death. Take it or leave it for what that means for you. Transformational thinking, living, and speaking will determine your fate; I pray you choose a positive threshold in your personal world.

ThresholdWorld is a space to learn ideas, information and inspiration to spur your life into transformative action! I write of my personal experiences inspired by God whether it is an event, idea, circumstance or issue in some part of the world. At times it will be more local or even by a guest. It is for you to identify and see what you can do in your world.

ThresholdWorld even has campaigns on issues learned through research. Like one on Suicide Prevention Day. Stay tuned! LTTYL Party -LIVE Talk to You Later! September 10, 2012! I believe we all have the ability to make our lives as God intended; one of good and not evil that our days be long and prosperous.

So dance in the middle of your life's challenges and receive the gift of ideas to form your life's purpose. Be Transformed, Be Blessed!

Peace to you. Selah (Pause and calmly think of that!)


  1. Hunny, you are right! I dance, sing and laugh through my circumstances as much as possible. I receive revelation, new ideas and assignments as a result of pauzing to dance in the middle of my life's challenges. So I concur. You betta say it sista!
    Love Cheryl:


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