On Friday, April 29, 2011 I witnessed nine ladies have meltdowns due to their own personal issues and then powerfully inspire an audience as they gained strength on stage. Real life scenarios are portrayed in this production by talented diverse women. One of them was my fellow alum of Clark Atlanta University, Ms. Khaya Myers. Khaya is an actress in this off Broadway play called the Meltdown. The play will open this evening, Friday, May 27, 2011 and run through Saturday, June 4, 2011. Get your tickets at now at

On this particular evening was The Meltdown Chocolate & Wine Fundraiser Gala 8pm -11pm at the Roy Arias theatre on 43rd Street and 8th Ave in New York City which is where the play will be held. Comedians, musicians, and the actresses performed to raise funds for the production. Guests sipped red or white wine while networking and met the cast before viewing live selected scenes of the play.

Left to Right-Jennifer, Khaya, and me.

At tonight's event was another alum of an HBCU(Historically Black College)- Ms. Jennifer pictured above, a graduate of Howard University just moved to NYC from LA where she met Khaya. She was inspired by Khaya to buy a one way ticket to pursue her acting career. Though hesitant, Jennifer prayed and flew for a new opportunity. Two days later she found a job. Jennifer was one of the inspiring network of people in attendance.

But the reason we were all blessed to meet and greet this evening was because of the life and passion of Ms. Wanda McKiver, Director and Executive Producer of the Meltdown.

Above-Wanda McKiver

I got a chance to interview her for about four powerful moments!

What inspired you to write the book and produce the play? Is that the order?
I produced the stage play before I wrote the book, which came out about three weeks ago. It's a real life story. I’ve had some ups and downs in life with love and my relationship with my mom. We've had a difficult relationship for some time now.

So it's like your autobiography on stage.
Absolutely, Yes it is. I never thought about it that way but yes it is.

Is the production different from the book?
Not at all. Just how one interprets it. There is one piece in the show which I wrote as a poem. The name of the piece is In love with being in love. She is in love with the person but doesn't want to be.

What would you say to an aspiring writer or director that may have their own personal challenges?
Honestly I always tell people just to write. Write, write, write, till your fingers hurt. Just write. Don't worry about the grammatical errors, don't worry about the form. Just write; and actually writing is purging. I wrote the meltdown and now that it is being performed I'm over it, and I'm just glad to be back.

I love it that you said writing is purging.
It is.

What is the feeling behind that statement? What does it mean?
It is releasement. I always tell writers if they're not ready to deal with what they're writing about not to write cause once you put it on paper and see it in black and white you must deal with it. You must handle it and if your not ready to deal with it don't write.

That's so powerful. It's amazing.
It's real.

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration came from the willingness to survive. I have to survive and the way I survive is through writing.

When did you start writing?
When I was seven. Praise God, and I have seven year old twins writing now.
I used to love to read and I told my father that I didn't have any books to read and he said, write them. I'm published over three times now.

The first book is The Black Book Diaries, published 2005, about three black women that ultimately commit suicide due to social issues. I'd been writing on depression. I wanted to challenge the myth that black women do not commit suicide, and yes we do!

The second is about child molestation and incest within the black community, and how we deal with it. It is told by a nine year old going through it.

Then of course the Meltdown, a collection of pieces that I wrote over a ten year span.

What are you working on now?
The Meltdown.

See an excerpt now. Click Here! Be Blessed!


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