Happy Thursday!-I got this certificate via email today! I remember when I first said these words in August 1997! I was in Massachusetts and the late Senator Ted Kennedy was the keynote speaker the day I took this oath. Now you can do the same, 'In Spirit of AmeriCorps,'Click here! Pledge to GET THINGS DONE for America! or wherever you are in the world.
The Edward M. Kennedy Institute where Students, Teachers, Government Officials,and Life Long Learner can be engaged in educational programing in democracy and public service is set to open in March 2015! Click Here for the video.
This weekend I had the opportunity to attend AfroPunk. I'm a member of the Brooklyn NAACP and serve on the Civic Engagement Committee. We partnered with Progressive Pupil, a sponsor of the event on Activism Row. I was able to register attendees to vote, engage them in signing petitions against brutality (especially that of African American Men, and new members that signed up got free tshirts! I met some amazing people as I enjoyed great music, vendors and prayerfully made a positive difference.
Next week well be at pier 5 in Brooklyn at the smosgosbord! Come register to vote, join the chapter, sign a petition and enjoy an awesome day in Brooklyn Bridge Park! You can also Volunteer.- Click Here!! FYI You don't have to be black!- Yes I said that :)
Praying for the family of James Foley. His parents were proud of him because of his unselfish service. Foley lived to make a difference, once served in Teach for America (amy wang reports) and died bringing attention to what's going on in Syria. May he rest in peace. Journalists have lost their lives bringing attention to a specific subject matters they've deemed important. "These rare individuals believe that as journalists they have a responsibility to regularly put themselves at risk so others will be informed, enlightened or compelled to action" -Mark H. Masse In this story he also references the Journalists Memorial at the Newseum in washington D.C.
What are you willing to die for? Many died paving the way for others to bring about positive change in America and abroad. I believe that's the day were living in today. Let's live to get things done and when we die leave a legacy of having made a positive difference. Philippians 1:21 Amplified- "For me to live is Christ [His life in me], and to die is gain [the gain of the glory of eternity].


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