What A Character!

(L-R Jeffrey Wright, Melanie Shaleya Lewis, Michael Kenneth Williams) On Sunday I went to the cool and cozy Bedford Hall for a screening of the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. It was a highlight that Michael K. Williams was to be in attendance. I was even more pleasantly surprised to see Jeffrey Wright as he entered the room. Now picture screens all around and nicely positioned seating to choose from, drinks of choice and food. I had some yummy mac and cheese and must mention my appreciation of the kind staff from entering to leaving. After some light research I found it interesting that Jeffrey Wright was a political science major in college and is the co-founder and Chairman of Taia Peace Foundation. He works closely in economic development in Sierre Leone.
(Melanie Shaleya Lewis and Michael Kenneth Williams) Mr. Williams was a professional dancer before pursuing acting and founded Making Kids Win. -A charitable organization building community centers in urban neighborhoods that are in need of safe spaces for children to learn and play. The actor's backgrounds supported the character's in which they played. Mr. White (Williams) with the running of the Onyx Club and Dr. Narcisse (Wright) with his many political dealings were all played out very well. Another interesing fact found was that Mr. Wright's mom worked in U.S. Customs. I love how there is always a connection to the global community. There was also alot of history as the series is set at a historic time. My screening partner continued to shout, 'respect to the writers, and I agree they did an great job. I enjoyed getting out and meeting these talented actors. -While we study and work towards our passions let's remember that our backgrounds help to bring out our character in the future.-Be Blessed!-Melanie


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