Fall Festival 2013

(Left to Right) Exceed Charter School Parent Teacher Association Members-Vice President Anita Forde, Treasurer Cherita Welch, President Greshwin Pierre and Melanie S. Lewis) I'm on the Parent Teachers Association for my children's school. This is my third year of experience in this role. Serving on the board is not always easy. Parents volunteer their time, money and resources as partners in their children's education. I encourage all guardians, community members, and educational partners to stay engaged as proactive supporters in educational pursuits. You are needed and appreciated! Together everyone achieves more! TEAM. Below are pictures from our 1st Annual Fall Harvest Festival on November 9th. We went all out and had fun doing it!
(Fruit Turkey) This was the cool Harvest Art created by one of our scholars.
(Sylvia Lewis-Grace loved her face painting by JJ the Clown!)
(JJ the Clown and lil cuz)
(Harvest Art and Crafts Winner Best Leaf Mask)
(Sonia Cain-Crump, Treasurer 2012-2013 prepares Harvest Art and Crafts table)
(pop up of lil Ms. Cain-Crump)
(Legacy Lewis)
(Our awesome Parent President Greshwin Pierre was in great spirits!)
(Mr & Mrs. Hunt parents, and food preparers of the day were great sports as pilgrims.)
(Cliff Matias and Mariah Gladstone of Red Hawk Native American Arts Council engaged children in traditional dances, music and education)
(Mr. Roland of the FDNY Fire Safety Education Unit educated parents about keeping the family safe and gave out carbon monoxide alarms)


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