Volunteering Is like riding a bike!

Happy Thursday!

Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike? For me it was the concerete sidewalk outside my apartment building. Training wheels definitely helped with the confidence though I recall the excitement of taking them off! Block parties were always cool cause you had the whole street to enjoy riding your bike. -The earlier the better before all the cool festivities!-FYI: Block parties on Putnum between Lewis and Stuyvesant were awesome in Brooklyn back in the day. :)

If you never learned how to ride then it's time to learn and if you know how to ride, then maybe you can teach someone! Today New York has CitiBike. Who would've thought we'd be able to keep bikes anywhere overnight? In addition to the convenience of riding and returning to different locations around the city. I hadn't rode a bike in years but my daughters convinced me to rent one this year. It was a comfortable ride that bought a smile to my face. I look forward to this experience again.

Adult beginners at the starting line up

So as an adult were can one go to learn without feeling uncomfortable? What organization should you turn to when there's so much on the world wide web? Well, I recommend Bike New York as a great place to start!

With a fellow volunteer that just moved to NYC from California. (Great idea to volunteer when you move to a new place!)

One of the ways I was able to complete over 1700 hours of service in AmeriCorps was to sign up for off-site service with one of our NYC Civic Corps partners via NYC Service. I chose New York Cares. I had the opportunity of attending the inaugural Volunteer Impact Program (VIP) in May 2014 so I had a little history with the organization. I had to attend a mandatory orientation which was led by an awesome volunteer. He'd been with NY Cares since early days, so he aligned the history of the org with his experience. -After completing orientation I was able to sign up for a voluntary opportunity on the date and borough of my choice. #GoodforNYC

I signed up to volunteer with Bike NY and had the opportunity to teach adults how to ride a bike. This particular location was in Brooklyn around the corner from George Gershwin Jr. H.S. in Linden Park. I got down and dirty not just showing how to balance and get started but taking pedals off, adjusting seats and fitting helmets. I always just rode the bikes I got on, so this was a good hands-on volunteer experience for me. -Not to mention the first young lady I worked with during the day asked me to place her foot petals on and she was off! She almost brought tears to my eyes. Beginners blessings! I will definently volunteer with Bike New York again.

Yours truly with a Bronx High School scholar enjoying learning how to ride! -She had it by this point. See that smile.

She rode for the first time!

Be sure to click the links within todays post for a new opportunity today. Tell them Melanie sent ya! :) Feel free to share your biking experiences below. Ride On!


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