To do, or not to do, that is the question-

Welcome to Thresholdworld 2014! This year is already surprising me. I reached out to a longtime friend that was going to be celebrating her birthday. Since our high school senior ski trip to the Poconos, we always knew how to get it in our dance! So I asked her where the party at?
She sent me an email about where she'd be Saturday night. “House of Idle,” -Launch party for LAZYMAS.COM. –The online platform that allows adventure seekers to Book, Manage and share their Carnival Experience. I pondered about this one. “Slackness is mandatory.” -What? Google it! I attend events where I need to dress up and prefer to be where people will be respectful, (though one can’t determine potential actions of strangers anywhere.) I wondered; what kind of party will this be?
I guess I sort of identify with Genese Jamilah of I Don’t Do Clubs. After toiling off and on for hours if I should go and what I’d wear, I decided -since I reached out to my friend to attend, I should go and experience something new. It’s not like she’s an inappropriate person and we've been out before. Through her I met my first financial advisor and other important leads. She was actually our high school valedictorian and is a young professional. –Like many people that were in attendance.
It’s amazing how what were taught or heard growing up plays on our future decisions. A phrase spoken often as I grew up - "An idle mind is the devils workshop" -I'm sure many people would take a shot at what that means and/or have heard it before. –No goals of a positive life, leading to that of a negative one-(to put the definition lightly for all to relate.) For the most part in this text/post we refer to laziness and action.
Most of my West Indian friends are very hard working individuals, so to coin the term House of Idle; even in doing so they definitely are not. -Like my friend and that of CEO Trena De Laundro, the go to woman for booking your trip to the Caribbean. Trena is also Senior Sales Manager at OfferMobi, a Mobile Performance Advertising Network and member of Technically Brooklyn, which focuses on building community through technology.
The awesome action packed evening of soca, reggae, hip-hop, and more was enjoyed by attendees! It takes a lot of action to dance until you the sweat just flows, everywhere. In true Caribbean fashion, as time grew later the party was still just getting started.
What are you on the threshold of doing this year? Whatever it is, don’t allow (what my current pastor says is-) False Evidence Appearing Real –FEAR! Deter new great experiences in your life. Be Blessed!


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