Comfort and Joy!

Happy December World!- I just got in from The Flat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The newly formed Brooklyn Women's Collective hosted a Comedy, Coats & Cakes holiday event at this unique venue. Great partners generously contributed to this thoughtful endevour.
(Pic-Raffled in-kind donations) The YWCA and Safe Horizon will be recieving warm donations from attendees of the event. While speaking with Lauren Paige Richeson, Founder of The Brooklyn Women's Collective, I learned that over 200 coats have already been recieved by the YWCA from prior collections earlier this season.(Pic below- Donations from attendees)
(Pic-Jeli Laya Daniel, Board Member) It was reported in local publications that NY Cares Coat Drive recieved less donations this year. So while people are still welcome to donate to them now, talk has begun of partnering with the Collective next year.
(Pic-Lauren) Lauren was really sweet and made everyone feel so welcome as she 'Spread Love the Brooklyn Way.' She is from Virginia and felt there was something missing in the borough she now calls home. The focus of this Women's Movement is community development and women's empowerment.
(Pic-Amber Chandler, Board Member)
(L-R Lauren, Melanie, Board Member, Anna)-In January the Collective will host an open forum. So check their site soon to see when this date is availiable. "If you're an artist, entreprenuer, homemaker, innovator, dreamer, hunter, gather, crafter, teacher, learner- this is a great opportunity to get out and meet similar talented creatives!"-Brooklyn Women's Collective. If you feel something is missing in your part of the world initiate the pieces in coming together. Bring comfort to those in need and joy to those able to give in your community. Peace


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