Ripples of Inspirational Homage

Hello World, Bonjour! I finally got to stop in and experience the unique new Nouvelle Vague Coffee-Shop in my neighboorhood. While the owner, Valerie Vidal brewed my hot chocolate and warmed my almond spinach quiche, I found the above picture quote in the restroom. ~Inspiration can come from many places. :)~ Melanie Lewis at Nouvelle Vague Coffee-Shop (Ms. Vidal was camera shy) :) Ms. Vidal is from Paris, France and used to work as a graphic artist in the movie industry. The name of her shop and collague inspired walls are an homage to the New Wave French Film Movement La Nouvelle Vague of the late 1950's -60's. Jean-Luc Godard was one of the renowned artists of that era who, according to wikipedia critized mainstream cinema's "Tradition of Quality", which "emphasized craft over innovation, privileged established directors over new directors, and preferred the great works of the past to experimentation." To challenge this tradition, he and like-minded critics started to make their own films." Click here to learn more by the Criterion Collection. Graphic Pic of Godard under Martin Luther King Jr. at Nouvelle Vague Coffee-Shop The creative shop is cozy and full of great quality made foods and products. Ms. Vidal credits every partner or item sold at her business, causing more people to be aware of their distinctive works. Toby's Estate Coffee Roasters of Brooklyn, N.Y. and Australia, and Mille-feville Bakery Cafe of French Chefs in New York, N.Y. are where she orders the coffee beans and pastries. -I ate too fast to get a picture of my food. It was really good. Ms. Vidal has also introduced the adorably creative and educational Madame MO products; A french design company that specializes in objects inspired by the Japanese tradition, book and short films. In addition, Ms. Vidal sells purses by Alphadi, a noted fashion designer lovingly reffered to as the 'Magician of the Dessert' . Aldaphi is the founding president of the African Federation of Couture and International Festival of African Fashion, FIMA, and an African royal whose garments make you want to bow perhaps at the person wearing it. Boutiques can be found in Paris, Ivory Coast, Niger and now Brooklyn, around the corner from Ms. Vidal. Whew, we respect the God in you sir! As you've seen everything at Nouvelle Vague is unique. This french shop is warm and creative with food, drink, art, even a book exchange. Yes, bring a book you've read get one of your interest. Ms. Vidal is socially conciousness, and a shows love for people and their passions. I'm so glad I walked through this new door! What inspires you? 'SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS LOOKING FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER'! -Let's do the wave and create more ripples for the world to be inspired. Be blessed. Au Revoir! Novelle Vague Coffee Shop is located at 468 Linclon Place at classon avenue in Brooklyn, NY 11238. Visit her blog click here.


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