Blessed by Nature!

Today I went to my favorite spot in the world thus far. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens has always been my best place to think, dream, and plan. I like this picture as it captures me in the moment. Soaking it all in. The beauty surrounds me. I love it! I am greatful to have such a lovely place as this garden in my community. View for yourself and visit a garden in your community. If none, build it and they will come. :) Escape for a moment. Be blessed by nature!


  1. I escaped this morning to the park by my neighborhood rec center. I go there to walk and think, breathe in the fresh air, and share some quiet time with God. It actually helps me revitalize my soul especially when I am at a crossroads about something in my life. BBG and Prospect Park used to be my place to do this at as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment Nicole. I identify with you and Love it!


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